Archives for April 24, 2010

Just Out Of It

Today I find myself just staring out the window, rather than getting busy doing my eBay thing. In about 2 hours we (William and myself) are going to his sisters house. As William made a date to babysit their 3 kids, adorable kids at that. Anyway, I’m sure by the time we get home, the will be shattered, those kids take a lot out of him. Mostly the oldest RJ gosh he hangs all over William like a cute little monkey. William misses his niece and nephews, so that is a perfect time to have some time with them, and it gives Jaime and Rob a chance to do stuff alone as a couple. William is very sweet like that. I won’t be taking my laptop with me because there is usually distractions, and if I was on my laptop, it may attract the kids attention and I don’t want any accidents to occur. I was considering a book, but again distractions, kids playing, screaming, TV on. I cannot read with distractions lol. So I guess I’ll just sit there, and watch them play. It’s not as boring as it sounds. The kids actually do make me laugh, and I take advantage of the time to photograph them, since I know William loves the kids, and loves to see photos of them interacting, and I like it too. It reminds me a lot of when my niece and nephews were that age, and how much I played with them, I was constantly taking photos of them as well, hey somethings just don’t change hehe.

Lately I haven’t felt much like blogging, I don’t know why. I guess we all get into a funk. I don’t know where mine came from. Last night I was in another funk as well lol. I had some nice wine, maybe a little bit more than I should have had, but it was nice. We watched some recorded programs; Flash Forward, Fringe, V! I love these shows, it’s sad that 2 great shows will be ending too. 24 and LOST. I have already watched LOST from the beginning, due to my moving around, I stopped, so when I finally landed here in Mass, I thought this is a great time to watch it all the way through, so I did. Now since 24 is ending as well, I believe this is its last season, I am going to begin with season 1. I am pretty excited as I find that show to be so incredibly cool! Pretty fast paced as the episode all takes place in one hour, pretty awesome I think. Anyway, I must finish getting ready, as we are going to leave in less than an hour. Have a lovely weekend everyone.