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I have finally done it, I closed a huge amount of fanlistings. I knew it would eventually happen, but what would prompt me to do it. Well firstly I needed to upgrade my Enthusiast, which I am happy to say is finally upgraded to 1.0.6. I have also added a delete option to the fanlisting menu so that a fan can easily remove themselves. I am so happy that it is done, but it took a lot of work. It was so time-consuming, as I had over 100 fanlistings, and each one had to be edited not only by uploading new files, but adding coding to certain pages so that the forms would work.

I knew it would be a long process, so I contacted The Fanlistings Network to ask for time to fix my fanlistings. I was only given a certain amount of time, after that my fanlistings would go into trouble. I asked for an extension but they wouldn’t give me one. Which in a way was good because that prompted me to let go of a large number of fanlistings that I had lost interest in for one reason or another.

For all the fanlistings I closed I saved the DB for the members and affiliates, and kept all the codes, in the event that someone re-opens them and I can offer the DB and button images. I already have a page with closed fanlisting but now it has grown bigger so I am going to rethink how I want that page to be arranged so it looks neater

I closed the following fanlistings: Actor: Doug Hutchinson, Actors: Laurel & Hardy, History Channel, Food: Celery and Peanut Butter, Gummy Worms, Walnuts and Sparkling Water, Historical Costumes, Musician Female: Emily Haines, Names: Amanda, Eric, Jackie, Karen, Michael, Nelson, Omar, Vicent/Vicente, Calendar Events: National Coming Out Day, Nature: Pink Diamonds, Personalities: Adam Berry, Amy Bruni, Britt Griffith, Dave Tango, Grant Wilson, Jason Hawes, Steve Gonsalves, Places: Big Ben and Boston, Massachusetts, Simpsons: Itchy & Scratchy, Apu Nahasheemipetilan, Dr. Hibbert, Krusty the Klown, Nelson Muntz, Milhouse Van Houten, Sports: Boston Bruins, TV Shows: Ghost Nation, Under the Dome. And just today I closed Group/Band: Plain White T’s.

There are a few that I am considering closing, not sure about that yet. If I do, when I do another post I will talk about it. That being said, I have opened up a few new fanlistings lol. In my last post, I mentioned I applied for 3 fanlistings, out of the 3 I was approved for 2, as one was still open. I thought it was closed. The approved ones are Planet: Earth (Space/Sky), and Driving (Hobbies/Recreation). In addition to those two, I also opened Animation: Short Films – A Charlie Brown Christmas, Hobbies and Recreation: Walking, and Computer Miscellany and Internet ยป Web Miscellany TLD (.)COM fanlisting. I hope you will join if you are interested in the subject.

I also applied for the Brushes fanlisting, I thought that should have a fanlisting as many people still use brushes on their graphics. We’ll see if I am approved. I had applied for Listening to music, but someone had already applied for it. Oh well, I will be joining that fanlisting once it is done.

As for new layouts, I have finally had the time to update the layout on my Siamese Cats fanlisting, I had adopted that fanlisting, and the previous owner was so sweet to allow me to use her layout, but I really wanted to update it, and I did, so please check that out and join if you love Siamese cats as much as I do.

I am down to 89 fanlistings now, wow what a difference, but I am glad it finally happened. Oh, that reminds me, I also had to take down my KIM script, but I do still have a KIM page. Since upgrading my PHP that script became useless, which is okay, it is better to have a secure script than one that isn’t. This also reminds me I need to update my web directory script @ as there is an upgraded version, that will be fun

That is all I have to talk about regarding my fanlistings. If anyone knows of a KIM script that is secure, please drop me a line, I would appreciate it. I will see you all in 2022. Stay safe and healthy.

Happy Holidays

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