Many Changes Going On

There really are changes going on all around us. This past weekend is a perfect example. It was hot and humid and just plain gross haha. I liked the heat, but despised the humidity, thank goodness for air conditioning hehe. I can’t help but complain enough about the humidity. Anyway and look at today, a beautiful day, weather is perfect, i cannot complain, and i don’t need the air conditioning on either. This weather would of been nice over the weekend. Speaking of the weekend, some years ago, I injured my knee, and on occasion I’ll re-injure it. Well it happened again on Saturday evening, sitting on the couch, I must of moved my knee to quickly in an awkward position or something, and there it goes. The knee starts to hurt and swell up some. I thought oh my gravy just perfect! …… NOT! So I was just careful where I walked, how much pressure I put on the knee and so forth, it was not a picnic going up stairs either, but I made my way slowly. Sunday we did some shopping for some household items we needed, and walking around with my knee like that, made it a little worse, but I was glad it didn’t make me stay home on the couch, because that is boring, and no fun at all! There has been loads of changes to our living situation as well, all for the better. I helped pick out a beautiful new bed set for the master bedroom, it’s perfect. I have been looking for a dresser for myself, I prefer the type that is vertically tall opposed to horizontally wide, I feel there is more space going upward than there is sideways, if you get my meaning. I seen one on Sunday, I would like, but we’re going to see if we can find something better priced.

So last few days we have been watching or that is catching up on 24, we decided to start watching from the beginning of the series, we are on season 3, and oh my gravy, Jack Bauer gets into a lot of crap lol. I miss LOST and 24 already, but hey all good things come to an end eventually. Well for my sake I hope not all good things. I look forward to watching V when the season starts, ohhhhh and speaking of season omgosh, True Blood is due to start this month omg omg I can’t wait! And Eclipse is coming out this month too omgoshh I can’t wait. I can’t believe it’s going to be book 3 already, I am positive the 4th book is in production. What are we going to do when that is over? Aww how sad is that. Tonight we are having Steak for dinner, and watching Wolfman, woohoo, can’t wait! Oh yes I wanted to wish my niece Jennifer a very happy birthday :rose: , I missed it by a few days, but I have a reason for that lol. Anyway Happy Birthday sweety :cake: I will leave you with that trailer of Wolfman! Have a good week!

Summer Weather!

Oh yes I am loving the weather, but not so much when it gets humid, I think by now everyone knows how much I hate it lol. I’m dealing though. So we are doing a BIG cleaning in the house, yes even throwing out what is old and not being used, and unsellable on eBay hehe. Omg!! Two of my favorite shows have finally come to an end, LOST and 24!! I personally didn’t like the ending to LOST, I mean it’s all spiritually awakening I guess, but I actually was hoping they all were alive, and with those they loved. I mean Clarie and Charlie sure are together, but there is no baby at least I didn’t see one, basically it would of been nice to see them back in their homes, alive and well. It don’t always end like that though, so that’s probably why they went with this ending. As for 24, I’m so glad that Jack Bauer is alive, but I’m not happy that he has to be on the run from the Americans and Germans. I wonder if they’ll come out with a film about this, seeing him on the run. I loved that show, so much action. We are on season 2, we started watching it from the beginning. I never seen it from the beginning, and I really enjoy the show. I have to thank Netflix for that, instead of having to wait to get the DVD in the mail, we just stream via the playstation, and we can watch it on our TV at home, isn’t that amazing? Thank you Netflix!!!

I am excited to go see the Battleships, we were out in the area a few weeks back and I got a few pictures but weren’t worth posting, so I hope that in the next couple of weeks, we can go down there, and I can get closer shots of the Battleships. These things are huge, I think I have one or two photos I can share.

There you go, they are not that great, I took them with my mobi camera, so you know how that goes, could be better. Next time I’ll use a digital camera, will come out nicer. I hope when we do go, that I’m able to go on aboard and take pictures. William said that they do tours there, so I’m excited about that, imagine on a battleship woooo hehe. I’ve only seen stuff on TV, so this will be my first experience and it’ll be awesome. Anyway, I need to get going, I need to clear out a closet. Have a great week everyone.