Feeling Crappy

Ahh what a time to blog. But I figured I should. I’m not feeling the best at the moment so this may turn out to be either postponed on posting it, or just very short. Anyway so I have been busy doing my eBay thing. I sold like 5 items just the other day, and another last night but the guy has to pay for it before I even prepare it for shipping. Same guy asked for a discount and I told him I couldn’t give any more of a discount than I had. He turned out buying it anyway.

So my friend Alice is coming for another visit on her way back to England. Hopefully this time around it’s a more positive and fun visit. Not saying last time it was horrible because it wasn’t. She just wasn’t here as much, she was visiting a lot of family and friends. I do look forward to taking a holiday back to England, I can’t wait for that. I’m hoping this weekend to be able to go to Battleship Cove, we pass it often and the ships are so amazing. I’ve taken photos before, but never got to have a tour of the boat itself. I bet it is HUGE up close lol. If we go this coming weekend, I will take photos of not only the outside but the inside of the ship, if they allow us to though. I’m sure they will

So 24 finally finished, we seen them all. It was an amazing show, such a pity it ended, but everything has to have it’s endings. I hope to see more shows like 24. We started to watch The X-Files now, I was like wow when I seen Scully wearing shoulder pads hehe. Well the show ran like 8 or 9 season, fashion changed. But it’s another great show and can’t wait to keep watching. We also started with Firefly another great show, I liked Serenity so I knew I would like Firefly. Speaking of shows, we went to go see Eclipse, omgosh I just loved it, I like the whole story. A lot of people have their ideas what vampires are suppose to be like, well this is a nice story and a different way of looking at vampires and wolves. I enjoyed the books and the films. I am although on the last book ‘Breaking Dawn‘ I just couldn’t get myself to finish it, not because I didn’t want to but because I didn’t want to see any changes yet, I don’t think I was ready for that lol. Guess I am now, or is it because the 3rd book has finally made it to the big screen, and I’m sure the works are in for the 4th, so I need to be caught up before that film comes out. I have also taken an interest in the series by Emily Giffin, the books are Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Baby Proof, Love The One You Are With and Matters Of The Heart. But as any series there is a beginning lol. I only have Love The One You Are With, and Matters Of The Heart. So I am not going to read them until I have them all, and I can read in sequence. Just a thing I have about books, I am sure a lot of people share those feelings. I don’t remember how I came along the book, but I read some of it, well what a website provides, and I thought yeah that’s what I want to read now. No vampires, not werewolves, just love, romance, today woman in today world. Interestingly enough I am not one to really read romance novels, but these books aren’t just about love, its about relationships, jobs, kids, a lot more than the traditional Harlequin Romance novels I read as a girl. The new Stephen King book looks good. I thought about looking for that, as William likes to read Stephen Kink as well, so we can share hehe.

Well I have items I have to take photos of, and descriptions I need to write, and post things for eBay so I best get going. I hadn’t been feeling so great today, most of the day I felt nauseous, at some points I actually felt like throwing up. Not a good feeling I have to say. I feel a bit better now, no nauseous feelings, so I am going to take advantage of the time. Alright I am out of here. Have a good weekend everyone!

Lazy Friday

Well it’s been like that most of the day. I’m working on my eBay stuff, using a trial 30 days of Auctiva, which is turning out to be really handy, I think I’m going to turn out buying for a year so that I can use it to list my things faster, I have a closet full of stuff. And more ideas come to mind like every week. Anyway so I’m just chilling, ebaying and having an ice cold beer, yeah I do drink beer on occasion, usually just one. I was trying to edit a theme, and I wanted to see how another theme looked, lol, and by accident I hit activate, and though oh heck with it, I will leave it, I have been meaning to change it, I guess WP spoke for me haha. So now it’s just about blogging.

So William went to the optometrist today, speaking of I have an appointment myself next month. Anyway he went and came home, and his pupils were so dilated, it looked scary. I tell him “Hey William let me take a picture of your eyes, so you can see how scary they look when you can see normal” which I did. hahaha. So last few weeks, we have really got into 24, gosh I think I keep bragging about it lol. Well I recently decided to start watching Nip/Tuck (i know its an old tv show, so shoot me lol) it’s seems like all episodes someone is sad and not happy with how they look. What a depressing TV show, but I’ll still watch it. I also watched the recent TrueBlood episode, omgosh it’s getting so exciting. I spoiled myself when I watched the first 2 seasons back to back lol. So it’s in or I should say the last season was the 6th one, will there be more? I don’t know, I’m sure I’ll find out somehow. What I have gathered from it, well one of the things that stood out to me is that Dr. Christian Troy, likes money and sex lol. I mean who doesn’t right, but in this show, it’s excessive, does he have a sex problem? lol

I’ve been browsing through Etsy.com and some of there things are expensive. I have an account there, I don’t sell things, just browse and add stuff to my favorites lol. Maybe when I get the hang of how things work I may sell but for now I am just a buyer/browser lol. Anyway I am really busy and need to seriously get back to what I’m doing. Have a great weekend everyone.