Lazy Friday

Well it’s been like that most of the day. I’m working on my eBay stuff, using a trial 30 days of Auctiva, which is turning out to be really handy, I think I’m going to turn out buying for a year so that I can use it to list my things faster, I have a closet full of stuff. And more ideas come to mind like every week. Anyway so I’m just chilling, ebaying and having an ice cold beer, yeah I do drink beer on occasion, usually just one. I was trying to edit a theme, and I wanted to see how another theme looked, lol, and by accident I hit activate, and though oh heck with it, I will leave it, I have been meaning to change it, I guess WP spoke for me haha. So now it’s just about blogging.

So William went to the optometrist today, speaking of I have an appointment myself next month. Anyway he went and came home, and his pupils were so dilated, it looked scary. I tell him “Hey William let me take a picture of your eyes, so you can see how scary they look when you can see normal” which I did. hahaha. So last few weeks, we have really got into 24, gosh I think I keep bragging about it lol. Well I recently decided to start watching Nip/Tuck (i know its an old tv show, so shoot me lol) it’s seems like all episodes someone is sad and not happy with how they look. What a depressing TV show, but I’ll still watch it. I also watched the recent TrueBlood episode, omgosh it’s getting so exciting. I spoiled myself when I watched the first 2 seasons back to back lol. So it’s in or I should say the last season was the 6th one, will there be more? I don’t know, I’m sure I’ll find out somehow. What I have gathered from it, well one of the things that stood out to me is that Dr. Christian Troy, likes money and sex lol. I mean who doesn’t right, but in this show, it’s excessive, does he have a sex problem? lol

I’ve been browsing through and some of there things are expensive. I have an account there, I don’t sell things, just browse and add stuff to my favorites lol. Maybe when I get the hang of how things work I may sell but for now I am just a buyer/browser lol. Anyway I am really busy and need to seriously get back to what I’m doing. Have a great weekend everyone.

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