Um Summer Yet?

Well seems like Spring just sprung right past us, with the way the weather has been, you can’t tell what season it is lol. I love all the seasons, but I would like some summer weather, I know William is getting tired of the rain and cold. This past weekend though has been really beautiful, today it’s lovely outside, so is it really summer finally? Oh gosh I hope so. I’m not a big fan of humidity and I know summer brings it here, some days can be tolerable, but there are some days that I just plain refuse to go out, I will turn around and just walk back in the house lol, no I’m kidding, I won’t because I don’t need an argument or to have William upset with me, I just become a grump until the a/c in the truck is running and I’m cooled off I’m then a happy camper.

So this weekend or should I say Saturday, William went to this sisters to spend the night, as he had promised the kiddies, that’s really sweet of William, those kids are so lucky to have an uncle like him. I told William just last night, how I wish I had an uncle like you. He said why? I told him, because you are so funny, and you always want to play with the kids, and make them laugh, he is so so VERY good with them. I love my guy so much!

So last night was the big season premiere for True Blood, unfortunately we don’t have HBO and we don’t expect to get it any time soon, they are over charging for that channel, I have other ways of getting to see the episode, so I’m going to try my best to avoid everyone and anyone that talks about it, until I have seen it Among many good shows that have just premiered another one is Falling Skies, what I like about this show, is that it started with the invasion already happening, instead of leading up to it, which is killer, I love that!! It doesn’t interferes with True Blood as it starts right after that, well in my area anyway.

Oh speaking of invasions, I happen to look at my twitter, and noticed that John Ritter (yes I follow him) hehe. He posted an event from facebook, for trying to save the TV show ‘The event’, I personally would like to see what happens, since I had watched it from the beginning, and I’m already commited to the show, so if anyone likes/loves the show, please go and join this event! Here is the link Save ‘The Event’! Thanks so much! Right with that said I think I will go, as I have so much to do, as usual haha.

Lazy Friday

Well it’s been like that most of the day. I’m working on my eBay stuff, using a trial 30 days of Auctiva, which is turning out to be really handy, I think I’m going to turn out buying for a year so that I can use it to list my things faster, I have a closet full of stuff. And more ideas come to mind like every week. Anyway so I’m just chilling, ebaying and having an ice cold beer, yeah I do drink beer on occasion, usually just one. I was trying to edit a theme, and I wanted to see how another theme looked, lol, and by accident I hit activate, and though oh heck with it, I will leave it, I have been meaning to change it, I guess WP spoke for me haha. So now it’s just about blogging.

So William went to the optometrist today, speaking of I have an appointment myself next month. Anyway he went and came home, and his pupils were so dilated, it looked scary. I tell him “Hey William let me take a picture of your eyes, so you can see how scary they look when you can see normal” which I did. hahaha. So last few weeks, we have really got into 24, gosh I think I keep bragging about it lol. Well I recently decided to start watching Nip/Tuck (i know its an old tv show, so shoot me lol) it’s seems like all episodes someone is sad and not happy with how they look. What a depressing TV show, but I’ll still watch it. I also watched the recent TrueBlood episode, omgosh it’s getting so exciting. I spoiled myself when I watched the first 2 seasons back to back lol. So it’s in or I should say the last season was the 6th one, will there be more? I don’t know, I’m sure I’ll find out somehow. What I have gathered from it, well one of the things that stood out to me is that Dr. Christian Troy, likes money and sex lol. I mean who doesn’t right, but in this show, it’s excessive, does he have a sex problem? lol

I’ve been browsing through and some of there things are expensive. I have an account there, I don’t sell things, just browse and add stuff to my favorites lol. Maybe when I get the hang of how things work I may sell but for now I am just a buyer/browser lol. Anyway I am really busy and need to seriously get back to what I’m doing. Have a great weekend everyone.