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Grouchy People

On occasion I get grouchy, and I let people know that I am a bit on the grouchy side. So that they don’t interact with me lol. So when I ask someone are they annoyed, am I annoying them, and they say no but it’s plainly obvious to me that they are! Then what am I suppose to do? Continue talking to them and allow them to get grouchier to the point they finally snap at me? FFS!! As soon as I know someone is grouchy I GTFO lol. Seriously, I don’t want to be around people that are annoyed, grouchy, having a bad day, because by talking to them I feel that feeling intensifies. So, like myself, I think it’s best to just be left alone for awhile, until their mood changes. My rant for the day hehe. Notice I did not include any names.

Last week watched Edge of Darkness, wow that was a good film, the start was a bit of a shock, wow! lol. If you haven’t seen it you should, Mel Gibson is always awesome in his films, I would talk about the film but I feel it will ruin it for some people, so thats how I am with the films I include in my post. Perhaps I’ll leave a trailer video at the end of the post. I had a distraction as usual when I’m writing up a post. I have returned after approximately an hour or so. Went to watch William play a PS3 game. He’s a good shooter I have to say, I’m jealous lol. I want to be a good shooter like he is. I guess practice makes better hey? Last night we watched Sherlock Holmes, it was good, I enjoyed it, he is portrayed very different from what I remember reading.

Ever since I was in California, I have wanted to see this film called Transsiberian it came out in like 2008, it stars Woody Harrelson, he’s an awesome actor as well (check out the trailer here if you like). I haven’t yet watched it. This weekend showtime has been having a free weekend, so yeah I’m taking advantage of it by watching this film. Actually I’m going to let it record and watch it at a later time, because tonight is The Amazing Race and I really enjoy watching that. Off topic, I was looking at my post and I don’t like how it changed my sexy bookmarks *grumbles* lol. So I may change the theme again lol. Anyway I think I will leave you with the Edge of Darkness trailer. Before I leave I wanted to say Happy belated birthday to my niece Vanessa, and a Happy Birthday to my brother Nelson, with that said, have a fantastical week.

It’s Been 9 Years

Time really does go by fast, it’s been 9 years since my mother passed away. Gosh how I miss her! I miss her voice, her laugh, even the way I would aggravate her, and then laugh about it. I miss her loving ways towards me. She was a very loving woman, I have such an empty space in my heart for her. When she passed away, it took me a long time to really begin to heal. We never really get over losing a loved one, but we learn to deal with it better. I have had people in my life that have been so understanding and caring about this. Then there were some that basically said “Get over it” which is really the cruelest thing to say to someone. One day they too will feel what it’s like to lose a loved one. I had one person tell me that, I was shocked to be quite honest. That someone could be so cold in that way. I don’t need to associate with people like that. Anyway those that were in my life and still are in my life or have come into my life since, are a blessing and I love them to pieces. I just want to thank all my friends that have been there for me. I love you!

So I haven’t blogged in a few days, haven’t really felt like it much. I’ve been trying to work on getting things posted on my eBay and that is going really well. Slow but good, it takes a long time to get that listing just right. I remember my first experience doing that, I was in England, and I was doing it for my friend. And omgosh I didn’t explain myself correctly, so people were thinking they were getting 2 sets instead of one, ahhh it was a mess. But in the end it was sorted and everyone was happy. So now I am once again giving it a go, and I think this time will be easier than my last experience. I already have 4 items, and one of them were sold like a day after posting it, yay go me lol. I guess you can say I’m happy about how that is going.

Oh here I go getting distracted again. I can never stay on one thing, I always have more than one thing going. Why? I don’t know, perhaps I feel I can complete them all at the same time, sometimes it works out for me, other times like this .. it does not lol. So there was more distractions, I had to sort somethings out upstairs. I’m happy with that for now. It’s going on 6pm now, so William will be home soon, we are making chicken pot pies tonight, we don’t make tiny teeny ones either hehe.

Well Tuesday night we finally got the back story of Robert on LOST, it’s such a sad story. He was tricked into staying there and doing what the smoke monster wanted, well almost hehe. I think he will be with his wife in the end, I feel he deserves that. I’m still waiting for True Blood to finally come back, but that isn’t happening until June gosh such a long wait. Oh and next week finally V will be back, I really look forward to seeing it, as it’s remake of the original series, so this shall be good. I remember the original series, vaguely but I remember, I think this will have a new spin on things. Everything is so much more “modern” shall I dare say? Nevertheless I can’t wait! Ok well I think I’ll go now. I’m starving, see you!