Early Valentine

Well I thought it would be fun to have a Valentine’s theme up, so I put up a new theme at my personal site, I thought about it here too, maybe who knows. Anyway it’s simple but cute I feel. Oh this morning I woke up to a bit of snow fall which is really nice, makes things a bit colder, but it’s always so nice to see. Last night the first episode of the last season of LOST was on, I didn’t watch it because I still have 1 episode left of season five, so today I’ll watch that and the first new episode, I’m rather excited, I can’t believe we caught up so quickly. I love the show, it’s such a shame that it’s in it’s last season *sigh* I think after I catch up, I would like to catch up with Heroes, suppose to be a really good show from what I have seen and read and it’s only in it’s 4th season, so that’s not too bad. Oh yeah this weekend is Super Bowl, wow so quick, I am definitely going to watch the game, last game of the football season, I must watch it, even though my teams didn’t make it, it’s still great to watch. I think today I will concentrate on working on List-Me.Com, I’m still a bit behind, and I need to catch up, and also try to fix the rest of the website. Speaking of websites, PixelFx.Org was down for a bit, all good now. Ok well this is going to be short and sweet, have a lovely day everyone.

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