Two Fanlistings Approved!

Out of the three fanlistings I applied for, I have been approved for the Daisies & Turquoise fanlistings, so that is nice. But they didn’t approve me for the Tortoiseshell Cat fanlisting which I was a bit bummed out about, but hey that is how it goes. I am currently working on the Daisies fanlisting I will, however, leave the links here so that you may visit when it is done. One of the fanlistings was owned by a friend, so I asked if she could continue to host it, she said yes.

The Turquoise fanlisting is already up, I am continuing to use her beautiful layout, we agreed to be co-owners, which is cool. As soon as I make some link back buttons the Daisies fanlisting will be ready for members.

Off-topic. Can you believe how fast Christmas came? To be honest, I am really hoping the new year is better, I think we all do. I hope you all are doing well, staying healthy and safe. Merry Christmas in case I don’t come back to do another update.

A New Year! Happy New Year 2018!

Am I ready for it? Sure, I have no choice lol. As for how this website will change, it won’t. I like it how it is, it is functional for what it is, a collective. Not so much a blog. I do post if I ever add a new listing, but I don’t create new listings unless it is something I really really like, or have had on my wishlist. I have not downsized like I wanted to, I am still trying to get that worked into my schedule, but if I do, I will sure to post here and @ Until next time.