Feels Like A Sauna

Omgosh seriously it’s brutal out there today. I knew it would be. It’s not so much ‘hot’ it’s bloody humid like gosh I remember one day last year, was just like this. It felt like you cannot breath. That’s scary, seriously scary! Anyway I am dealing with it as best I can, this room has no a/c, the other room does. I have that running so that I get a bit of relief. A standing fan would do just the trick, pull some of that cool air into this room. I have the window open but that really don’t help much, maybe an occasional burst of air comes through the window, hot air lol. Who wants that? I attempted to write my blog like 3 times lol. And each time damn interruptions.

Anyway, my friend Alice is here from England, I’m happy to see here, she was here a few days, right now she is off in Manhattan, NY going to see a few friends, than she’ll be back here for a day, and than off she goes again to go see a cousin up in Newport, RI, and then lol on the 6th she will be off to Minneapolis, so wow, lots of travelling for her. She’ll be out there for about a month. I think she mentioned coming back my way on the way back to England, so we shall see how it goes. She is so sweet, she bought the house a nice lamp, isn’t that just too sweet?

Speaking of shopping, we seriously need to get a standing fan thingy lol, because it’s going to be so useful to pull some of that cool air from the other room, into this room. Ahhh I can just feel the cool air hit my shoulders, bliss! Earlier today, I watched the last 4 episodes of Vampire Diaries, okay I am hooked on that now. I really do enjoy it. And plan on watching come August. Until then, I have 3 episodes of True Blood to catch up with, so that will give me something to do.

I can’t believe its 5pm already. It’s going to be a quick night tonight. Something easy for dinner. I’m thinking maybe chili dogs, mmm sounds nice, or maybe good ole regular hot dogs with ketchup, mustard, relish, yum!!! Anyway we will see. We will definitely be watching some more of 24, omgosh last nights episode, David Palmer was killed, omg that sucked badly I really like him for the president, oh yeah and Michelle, nooo not Michelle was killed in a car explosion omg poor Tony (her husband), he was there when it happened. I don’t like whats his face, Logan lol. I so don’t like him! Anyway I think I better go, I need to relist a few items. Have a fab night!

How About Them Celtics?

Big Sunday last night, True Blood premiere, and the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Laker played the 5th game of the Finals. The Celtics won last night, was a good game. I didn’t watch it all but did watch some of the beginning of the game and the ending hehe. Next game I will be watching a bit more, as that may be the last game they play. You know I grew up with the Lakers being the favorite in the family, but you know as I grew older, I started to realise that I wanted to have my own team I liked. That I didn’t have to like the Lakers because everyone in my family did, and not because they were my home team, same with the Dodgers. So that is why I am sure my siblings are surprised I am not really into the Lakers. Oh and did I ever mention, I hate Purple lol. How funny is that. Anyway since I had to miss either True Blood or the game, I went with missing True Blood, because I can always find it online somewhere to watch.

I downloaded this really cute theme for my blackberry. I love it to bits. But recently I noticed, not sure if it’s because of this particular theme, but when I click on something the window loads slow, so slow that I have to run my finger over everything to see the change. I am not sure what it is. I was trying to browse crackberry forum, but on my mobile was slower, so figured I’d wait until today after posting my blog, thank I can go an browse and see what is going on. I love love this theme, and it’s annoying when things load slow, it’s the type of theme that also has a slide screen. I’ve had a few like that but really love this one much more.

What’s going on with the weather? I thought it was summer? lol. We’ve been getting cloudy days, rain and even fog. Wow it’s s weird, in Calif we would say it’s earthquake weather lol. I doubt we’ll have an earthquake here in Mass. Anyway it’s lunch time. I want to get myself something to eat, and perhaps get some laundry done too. Have a great week everyone.