Aww It’s Over

Well nobody said St. Patrick’s Day would last more than one day, but I bet in Ireland it can go on for the whole week. Do you ever wonder what it would be like in Ireland, on St. Patrick’s Day, wow!! Chaos lol, no I’m kidding, a lot of drunk Irish people lol. I had fun, goofing off with William, he is a lot of fun I have to admit. Sometimes he makes me laugh to the point I have tears coming out of my eyes. Omgosh how does that happen? Lol. So now that St. Paddy’s day is over, and we are closing in on Spring. I changed the theme again. Hope you like it Easter will be here soon. I hope I get an Easter basket *hint hint* lmao. My fathers birthday is on the 20th, he will be older haha, you thought I was going to say his age :laugh: and then my youngest brothers birthday is on the 28th, lots of birthdays in March for my family. Then in April, there is about 3 of more birthdays.

Not sure what I’ll be doing for easter, maybe I can talk William into hiding eggs in the house or backyard hehe. It would be fun, should I make him wear bunny ears? :rotfl: Gosh I’m going to try to talk him into bunny ear haha, omgosh that would be so funny, he’s such a good sport about things to, so we will see.

So did you see what the Chicago River looked like after they dyed it green? They go all out when they celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, how much dye did that take? Anyway I thought I would share this with you. It happens once a year so why not hey?

This is so awesome, one day I will want to visit Chicago and watch them make that river green, it must be a sight to see hey? Well I hope you all had a good one, I had my share of fun in a safe environment, at home! Maybe one day I’ll go to Chicago and see the river dyed green, or perhaps to Ireland and enjoy an authentic St. Patrick’s Day, I mean authentic because it’s in Ireland hehe. I think I will close here, I hope you all have a lovely evening, as it’s late at night but wanted to get this in. Have a lovely tomorrow and weekend.

Did You Get Pinched?

Is anyone going to have a green beer today? I am *raises hand* hehe. I have never had a green beer, I know it’ silly, and it’s probably just food coloring in it, but it’s still fun because its St. Patrick’s Day, so today I will have a beer or two. And since I have William around me which is part Irish how better can it get, okay maybe if my friend Alice was around too that would rock, as she is full blooded Irish! Even my coffee cup is green today. Gosh do you remember as a kid in school, if you didn’t wear anything green you got pinched? Lmao omgosh I remember that so clearly, there were a few years I’d forget to wear green and I’d get pinched, then I would turn around and say look at my eyes you fool they are green hehe. Well they were then, now they are more hazelish green. It was still funny. Where did that come from the pinching if you don’t have green on, on St. Paddys day? *scratches head* it don’t matter but if anyone knows let me in on it, because now I am very curious.

A few years ago, I had the pleasure of visiting Ireland. Dublin no less, it was a wonderful experience, I feel it could of been a better experience if that had not been the time I injured my knee :-(( but I still hobbled around town and all. It was even better because I had gone with Alice, and she was from Dublin, Ireland, so I had my own personal tour guide. It was amazing, we even went to see where they made the famous Guinness beer, went to a pub and had a few of them. Gosh it was such an incredible experience, that I would love to do again. Unfortunately I wasn’t in control of the digital camera lol or believe me there would of been a bazillion pictures hehe. I tried not to let my injured knee stop me from having fun.

Last night we watched LOST, omgosh 8 episodes left, I cannot believe it, after all this time, it’s really almost over. Like everything else, all good things come to and end eventually. And Flash Forward is coming back next week as well and after that will be V woohoo exciting shows to watch. I just remembered I have to sort something out with ebay. You see I have this issue, my account was created while in England, so it continuously goes to instead of which is irritating but I have been dealing with it. But I am now ready to put up my ebay stuff for sale, and I was ready to list my first item, then it sends me to a page saying I need to set up a way to pay ebay for the fees but this page is the page, and not the .com one, so i’m like okay, let me set up this paypal thing first. Then it takes me to paypal, which in turn now shows me a note saying that the funds is asking for is not the same currency therefore I will be charged for converting, so I’m like WTF??!!!! Ok I stop there, and now I figure I need to find out how to change the countries on this. I have this real bad feeling they are going to make me get a new account and to be honest, I can’t be bothered with managing two accounts, I want one account for both selling and buying grrr :reallyangry: so that is what I need to try to sort out now. Wish me luck, hey it’s St. Patrick’s Day, maybe I will have some luck with this. I am leaving you with a video, the Irish Tap Dancing Riverdance, I’ve always wanted to go see this. Enjoy!