Oh Where Have I Been?

Seems, that is what I keep asking myself, over and over. I honestly don’t have the time unfortunately for my fanlistings, but I can’t seem to get myself to get rid of them, why? Too much trouble? Maybe. No time to do it? Maybe. Like them, and don’t want to give them up? Maybe. Or I could be all over the above. Like I mentioned in my last blog post. I have new hobbies, acrylic nails, is one and the whole community surrounding that takes up time. Then I recently also just got involved in card making, and well even though I haven’t made my first card YET. I am excited to do so. Why not? Well you need to know kind of tools to use, what papers to buy, etc. And now that I think I have enough supplies I can get started, but I am still doing a little more research. It’s pretty exciting. I have a YouTube channel just for that, I don’t have any videos up yet besides a Happy St. Patrick’s to everyone video, which is not much. I plan on posting what I make, and maybe a few videos showing how I make it. It’ll be fun, I look forward to that. As for my nails, I still do that, I am really enjoying doing my own nails, you have no idea how much money I have saved. Let me show you a what I did to them for St. Patrick’s Day.

The first one, I’m wearing Color Club Polish, my boyfriend picked it out. The second one was my St. Patrick’s Day nails. It was a lot of fun. Tomorrow , I’ll be re polishing again. I also wear glitter mix sets, Ill post one or two of those

So there you go, that’s part of what I’ve been up to. So I am a busy bee lol. Anyway, I need to get going, will try to update soon again! hope you all have a wonderful Easter, in case I don’t get back here in time

Aww It’s Over

Well nobody said St. Patrick’s Day would last more than one day, but I bet in Ireland it can go on for the whole week. Do you ever wonder what it would be like in Ireland, on St. Patrick’s Day, wow!! Chaos lol, no I’m kidding, a lot of drunk Irish people lol. I had fun, goofing off with William, he is a lot of fun I have to admit. Sometimes he makes me laugh to the point I have tears coming out of my eyes. Omgosh how does that happen? Lol. So now that St. Paddy’s day is over, and we are closing in on Spring. I changed the theme again. Hope you like it Easter will be here soon. I hope I get an Easter basket *hint hint* lmao. My fathers birthday is on the 20th, he will be older haha, you thought I was going to say his age :laugh: and then my youngest brothers birthday is on the 28th, lots of birthdays in March for my family. Then in April, there is about 3 of more birthdays.

Not sure what I’ll be doing for easter, maybe I can talk William into hiding eggs in the house or backyard hehe. It would be fun, should I make him wear bunny ears? :rotfl: Gosh I’m going to try to talk him into bunny ear haha, omgosh that would be so funny, he’s such a good sport about things to, so we will see.

So did you see what the Chicago River looked like after they dyed it green? They go all out when they celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, how much dye did that take? Anyway I thought I would share this with you. It happens once a year so why not hey?

This is so awesome, one day I will want to visit Chicago and watch them make that river green, it must be a sight to see hey? Well I hope you all had a good one, I had my share of fun in a safe environment, at home! Maybe one day I’ll go to Chicago and see the river dyed green, or perhaps to Ireland and enjoy an authentic St. Patrick’s Day, I mean authentic because it’s in Ireland hehe. I think I will close here, I hope you all have a lovely evening, as it’s late at night but wanted to get this in. Have a lovely tomorrow and weekend.