Four Days & Counting

Not that it’s bad, but yes 4 days until Alice returns to England, aww I’ll miss her, she did a lot while being here in the US. Seen a lot of friends, went to several states. I hope one day to be able to go around Europe like that, it would be so much fun. I had a chance to go to a few places like Ireland, Spain, England, but I want to see more. Well I am being distracted again lol. It happens quite often when I am blogging. I need to run and get the laundry and then finish this post. I was just thinking how I like summers in California more than I do here in Massachusetts, they are much more humid here. But I have to deal with it as best I can. Who knows maybe I’ll move back to California

I feel I’ve been all over the place today, not really staying put to do stuff on eBay like I wanted. I suppose having Alice over would take up some of my time, I know she wanted to write as well, so I thought that would give me the chance to do things, but every now and then I hear from downstairs “Emily …” lol. Ok so I figured fair enough, I won’t get much done. I at least did re-list 3 items, and I need to take some measurements on a Leather jacket, I hope to make a nice profit out of that.

So last night, we watched New Moon, Alice never seen any of the Twilight films, so I thought it would be a treat for her to see the sequel to Twilight, and it keeps it going for her. She liked it, it’s not what she expected, so I feel she gave it a good review, she did say some parts were a bit dragged on. Now if Eclipse would of been out on DVD we would be watching that tonight lol. But sadly it is not. I think she’s getting sadder because she’ll be leaving. I hadn’t seen her for almost 6 years, and I really don’t know when I’ll get out to England again. So we make the best of our time, right?

Well I have been babying this post for a few hours now, and I think it’s time to post it. Have a great week everyone. Oh yes I meant to leave this interview with Jason Statham my all time favorite actor! Ahh my goodness he’s too awesome!

Feeling Crappy

Ahh what a time to blog. But I figured I should. I’m not feeling the best at the moment so this may turn out to be either postponed on posting it, or just very short. Anyway so I have been busy doing my eBay thing. I sold like 5 items just the other day, and another last night but the guy has to pay for it before I even prepare it for shipping. Same guy asked for a discount and I told him I couldn’t give any more of a discount than I had. He turned out buying it anyway.

So my friend Alice is coming for another visit on her way back to England. Hopefully this time around it’s a more positive and fun visit. Not saying last time it was horrible because it wasn’t. She just wasn’t here as much, she was visiting a lot of family and friends. I do look forward to taking a holiday back to England, I can’t wait for that. I’m hoping this weekend to be able to go to Battleship Cove, we pass it often and the ships are so amazing. I’ve taken photos before, but never got to have a tour of the boat itself. I bet it is HUGE up close lol. If we go this coming weekend, I will take photos of not only the outside but the inside of the ship, if they allow us to though. I’m sure they will

So 24 finally finished, we seen them all. It was an amazing show, such a pity it ended, but everything has to have it’s endings. I hope to see more shows like 24. We started to watch The X-Files now, I was like wow when I seen Scully wearing shoulder pads hehe. Well the show ran like 8 or 9 season, fashion changed. But it’s another great show and can’t wait to keep watching. We also started with Firefly another great show, I liked Serenity so I knew I would like Firefly. Speaking of shows, we went to go see Eclipse, omgosh I just loved it, I like the whole story. A lot of people have their ideas what vampires are suppose to be like, well this is a nice story and a different way of looking at vampires and wolves. I enjoyed the books and the films. I am although on the last book ‘Breaking Dawn‘ I just couldn’t get myself to finish it, not because I didn’t want to but because I didn’t want to see any changes yet, I don’t think I was ready for that lol. Guess I am now, or is it because the 3rd book has finally made it to the big screen, and I’m sure the works are in for the 4th, so I need to be caught up before that film comes out. I have also taken an interest in the series by Emily Giffin, the books are Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Baby Proof, Love The One You Are With and Matters Of The Heart. But as any series there is a beginning lol. I only have Love The One You Are With, and Matters Of The Heart. So I am not going to read them until I have them all, and I can read in sequence. Just a thing I have about books, I am sure a lot of people share those feelings. I don’t remember how I came along the book, but I read some of it, well what a website provides, and I thought yeah that’s what I want to read now. No vampires, not werewolves, just love, romance, today woman in today world. Interestingly enough I am not one to really read romance novels, but these books aren’t just about love, its about relationships, jobs, kids, a lot more than the traditional Harlequin Romance novels I read as a girl. The new Stephen King book looks good. I thought about looking for that, as William likes to read Stephen Kink as well, so we can share hehe.

Well I have items I have to take photos of, and descriptions I need to write, and post things for eBay so I best get going. I hadn’t been feeling so great today, most of the day I felt nauseous, at some points I actually felt like throwing up. Not a good feeling I have to say. I feel a bit better now, no nauseous feelings, so I am going to take advantage of the time. Alright I am out of here. Have a good weekend everyone!