Any Plans?

So this weekend is 4 of July, I’m sure a lot of people will be heading out of town. As for us we’ll be staying in, we love barbecuing, and I know William has wanted to BBQ for a while now, so yeah I think tomorrow will be the first for the summer!! Yay.

Tomorrow William has half a day, yay!!! So he’ll be home early, we rented to blockbuster films, yeah we got some codes for a free rental, yippie woohoo, I love freebies!! So tomorrow is a very special day, it’s our anniversary, yes that is right 2 years woohoo, how cool is that. I’ll probably post again tomorrow, but just wanted to throw that in. He makes me so happy. I’m truly blessed!

As for July 4th, well I remember back in California, people were allowed to buy fireworks but out here in MA it’s not allowed, kind of sad because all my life, we always got fireworks. I’m not saying there won’t be any type of displays, there will be, organised ones, which is safe for everyone. But growing up, going with your parents, to buy fireworks was always thrilling. I always loved those times.

Well now I am some place different, no longer a child, and I don’t have kids, so I guess that’s not something I would be doing with them. We may or may not go see fireworks display, I will check see where there is locally, and see if he’s up to it, or just wants to BBQ.

I got William something really nice, but it arrived, and it was crap, so I had to return. Luckily I found a nicer one, but its taken long for them to deliver, so I don’t see it arriving until next week *sigh* ahh well. I’m not sure what we’re doing for our anniversary, really I am just happy to be with my baby. Ok well I best go, it’s time to spend some time with the love of my life.

Meme’s Are Us

I have noticed bloggers have been doing meme’s lately, thus giving them something more to write about, when they get a writers block, which happens a lot to me as well. Being that the meme started on March 1, I think I will wait until April 1 to begin mine. The topic is 30 DAYS OF TRUTH, which will be interesting and also difficult to do, as I’m a very private person. But next month I will try to go through with it heh. Why did I talk about it now? Well to have something to talk about of course, and to hopefully embed this thought into my mind so that I do, do it next month.

I came across it as I was looking at my twitter tweets, and I bounced over to Janet’s blog, where I read up on her answers, and noticed that a few other people had done it as well, so I really thought, this sounds like fun. So heck yeah I’m going to do it If you are up for a meme, pop on by Janet’s blog, so you can see what it’s about, it won’t be posted on mine until next month, just a choice I had, I have things I want to get done this month, more like this week lol, but some definitely this month, and I don’t want the added pressures of a simple meme. I think people can understand.

As I look around this room, I see so much that I need to list on eBay and I’m slowly getting there, after I’m done with this post, I need to get to some measuring and taking some photos. Ebay is having 25 cent listing fee for only two days, and I would like to take advantage of it I also need to find something to send to my sister, her birthday is in April, but on that note, I would also like to find something for my two brothers, as my sister and my brother have a birthday in the same month, and this month oh goodness, is my grand nephew, my brother and my fathers birthdays, and sad to say also the anniversary of my mothers passing, always a sad month. I try to keep it happy though. I miss her. Anyway let’s keep on a happy tone here.

Ok so I need to make sure about my grand nephews birthday I could be wrong lol, won’t be the first time. Omg I was so right on target, it’s Jayden’s birthday today, my grand nephew, gosh that makes me feel older lol. Aww he’s gotten so big, he’s turning 4 yay Happy Birthday Jayden! Well getting this package of things to send my family out in California, want to make sure I get everyone Oh and April is coming so fast, I have to hurry and send March package out lol. Oh gosh! I love my family, and I miss every single one of them very much. But on that same note, I am extremely happy where I am with William

Ok well it’s time to close this, have a great week everyone, and I am out to go and enjoy the evening with my one and only true love William !!