Archives for April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

I miss being a little girl, missing out on the egg hunts, and Easter baskets :bunny: , am I being selfish? Na, I don’t think so. It was fun when it was a big Easter egg hunt. As kids our mom & dad would take us to the local park, and at this park they always had a big Easter egg hunt, it was so much fun. Kids of all ages were there, well you know within a certain age group, I guess after awhile you are too big to be doing Easter egg hunts Although I did enjoy watching my niece and nephews do them as well. When I was little I loved the dresses I got to wear, it made me feel like a princess The kids look so adorable now when I see them all dressed up, soo very cute. I hope you all have a pleasant Easter!

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Guess what today is? Season opener for the Boston Red Sox wooo I can’t wait until tonight. Unfortunately the game is not until about 8pm yeah rather late. It would of been nice earlier, but with it being Easter and all, I figured that is why they started later. I am of course going to watch the game, Red Sox agasint the Yankees hehe. I am going to enjoy my Easter, and hope you all have fun, and your kids have fun. Collect all them eggs. GOOOO RED SOX see you later!