March Madness

Wow I can’t believe it’s March already omgosh where does time go? I bet everyone and their second cousins says that hehe. There are a lot of birthdays in March for me, my brothers, father’s, nieces birthday, and my lovely friend Steve, and also Williams sister Jaime all have birthdays this month, sad to say, it’s the month my dear mother passed away. It’s really hard for everyone when March rolls around, but I can only imagine how my brother and father feel when their birthdays comes around, because it will forever be a reminder of when my mother passed away. It’ll be 9 years this month. Gosh I miss her so much. After time passes, you reflect back and really appreciate the family you have, and try to remember not let too much time go in between visits, always forgive even if you cannot forget, or even going as far to say that, changing your ways and hopefully see that there can be a median that people can reach. After my mother passed away, you would think that the family would be closer? Well sad to say it’s quite the opposite. My mother was always the one to hold the family together, to help keep the peace between the siblings. Gosh if you have family, try your best to make peace with them, don’t let too much time pass in between visits and if life is crazy there is always a card you can send so they know you care, don’t let the holidays be the only time it brings family together. Family is very important, I think a lot of people forget that as they carry on in their lives. Okay that’s enough of the, don’t need to be lecturing you all hehe.

Every day that goes by, you are in my thoughts, I love you and miss you so very much, there is a part of my heart that will always be filled with your love, we’ll be together one day.

I know that was a bit of a little sad rant there. When it comes to my mom I can go on a long rant, so I cut it before it got to long. So I had a really fun weekend, remember I mentioned the birthday party, well it was a lot of fun. The kids are just adorable as ever. They had a lot of fun, running down William (Uncle Billy), and playing with them. At one point William (Uncle Billy) was playing the memory card game with his nephew R.J. and then one of the other little guests wanted to play, before you knew it, the cards were flying around, and the kids were laughing their little heads off, it’s too cute! Then later we were all outside, and they have the bubble stuff with a wand to make bubbles, and omgosh, they were spilling it, one little girl was getting greedy, then they start to slip and fall on the deck haha, omgosh it was really funny. Something I miss about this birthday party is Pinata’s, hehe, I grew up always seeing Pinata’s at birthday parties, but ahh well. Maybe next time I can suggest it Anyway, what sucked towards the end was that my tooth started to hurt and then I suddenly got a big bad headache, at that point which was later in the evening, I knew it was our time to head home. I have to say it was a lot of fun. I look forward to seeing the twins and R.J. again.

As you all know, the USA Hockey team lost against the Canadian team. I think it was a brilliant game, both teams did fantastic, I couldn’t be any prouder. I can tell as they gave the medals out, how devastated Team USA was, I understand how they felt, but gosh they still won a Silver, so they still have a lot to be proud of. I was watching the news earlier in the week, or was it last week, I don’t recall, Joannie Rochette of Canada lost her mother like two days before the ladies’ short program. That is so devastating poor girl. She ended up taking the Bronze though, so congrats to her. And we can’t forget history’s first Olympian death, that of Georgians Odar Kumaritashvili, Luge. Kumaritashvili died on the February 13th 2010, in a training accident at the Winter Olympics, after crashing near the end of the track at the Whistler Sliding Center. He went over the wall of the track and hit a steel pole near the finish line. Omg this is just so terrible it was caught on video as well and you can imagine how fast it hit youtube and other video websites. The video has now been pulled and is not being aired because it’s so graph. I’m sure there are still people posting the video out there in the internet world somewhere, that will fade over time, it’s just such a sad year for the Olympics. Wow my post has been nothing but sad, well that’s how it is sometimes.

On a happy note, tonight Ghost Hunters Taps will air their season premier, I think it’s 2 hours, but I do know it’s live and I do plan to sit and watch it live, and tap away at my laptop because they are always having discussions during this particular show, at least I think they are lol, sorry for not being more informed on this haha either way I am watching it! And before you know it, V and Flash Forward will be airing, they air at the end of the month, can’t wait!! I think I will close here, have a lovely day everyone.

At A Moments Notice

It’s amazing how things can change at a moments notice. When you feel finally you are getting somewhere, then things go to shit! I won’t bore you with my life’s details, but yeah. I had mentioned before I wanted to get a :dog: , but I think I won’t be able to after all. Circumstances have changed, and well I have to change with them. It was really nice thinking about it. I never had my very own dog before, so that was going to be a very nice experience. I had 2 :cat2: in my life, my first cat Priscilla she was a Calico cat, loving kitty, so very attached to me as a kitten and even as an adult cat. I moved and I couldn’t have her where I was, so my sister took her, but under the condition that she keep the pet as her own, I agreed because my sister loves animals. I’ve told this story before, but now I feel like talking about it again lol. Then my mother she had a Siamese :cat: Juliet and when my mother passed away, I took her as my own. I left to England some years later, and while in England I guess she missed me. My brother was no help in caring for her, I seen how he would be when she was there, at times he’d make me put her outside, when she was an inside and out site cat, it broke my heart and there was nothing I could do at the time. I think from missing me, and not being loved the way I loved her, she ran away never to be found again. I don’t know if she died alone somewhere, or if a dog chewed her up. I knew she was a fighter though, so I think maybe perhaps another family found her and is caring for her. She was an old cat she was 13 but still full of life, I loved Juliet so very much, she was my moms cat. I feel so guilty over that, I don’t think I will ever shake the guilt I feel from leaving her. I should have taken her with me when I went to England. Ok I’ll stop feeling sorry for myself now.

It’s been raining non stop since last night. Don’t get me wrong I love the rain, but I would prefer snow :snowman: lol, lots of it, I do hope to get some before winter ends though. That would be really nice. OH yeah I finally won the auction for the mannequin on ebay, so yay. I can use it to display clothing now instead of hangers, it will look nicer I feel. Once that comes I need to sort my stuff out, find a good spot to take pictures, preferably where there is a lot of light. Wish me luck on my ebay selling, I can use all the help!! Anyway I have stuff I need to do, but I wanted to leave you with a song (video) that I really like, it’s a special song that makes me think of someone very special in my heart, and you know very well who you are.

So the Olympics are on, tonight the USA hockey team plays, I will be watching that later as I’m recording it, I don’t know if they’ll show commercials but more than likely lol. So I can cut through all that. Yeah I know it’s much more fun watching live, but since William wanted to watch it as well, what’s the point of watching it twice, so I’ll wait for the recorded one. USA has been doing very good, Americans have a lot to be proud of. USA won Canada in the first game, it’s getting exciting, take it all the way USA!!! I said I was going so now I really am. Have a lovely rest of the day, wherever you may be.