Is It Really Over?

The end of the era for Harry Potter, wow I can’t believe it’s all over, it was pretty amazing to see the actors grow up on the screen though. All good things must come to and end eventually. I’ll be saying the same thing for Twilight as well. As there are only 2 parts left, ahh I love those films as well. But old things out, and new things in, there will be lots and lots of new things coming along. Will there be anything as amazing as those two films? Absolutely! It’s just a matter of time, and waiting for that wonderful inspiration to hit a writer, and begin it’s journey on a best seller!

So I seem to always speak of the weather, I guess because it’s such a big deal lol. Well for me anyway. It’s nice and cool right now, but I expect it will be hot and very humid the next few days. I have been putting off doing laundry, and I think I really need to suck it up and deal with the weather, and not let it keep me from doing what I need to do. Every day this week so far, has been humid and uncomfortable. But I guess the best time to go is at night, well at least to drop the things off there, and then go the following morning early as soon as they open, and while it is still cool outside. It seems to stay nice until about noonish. Yeah probably the best time to do it lol. Oh how I miss having a washer and dryer in the house, but it’s better than going to a laundromat and dealing with the people, they never are very nice. Gosh last time I did that I was a kid.

So in San Diego the Comic-con 2011 has started and I am so jealous, to think I was living in California 2 years ago, and could of gone. *sigh* Although, I wouldn’t trade it for the world, I mean it would be nice to go, but I am so very happy here with my William I’m hoping to see Comic-con come to Boston, I will definitely be going. Hmm need to check on that. So I’m a getgluer, yeah I visit the website everyday, several times a day via my laptop, Mobile Phone, iPod or Tablet, I am very active there, along with the message board, I enjoy it very much. Some people may bitch and moan about, ‘what a waste of time it is’, it may be to them but do I care what they do with their time? NO, I don’t sorry to burst your bubble lol. Although my getglue account is connected to my Facebook and Twitter, so it’s published everywhere. And honestly if people don’t like that, they don’t need to be following me either. Anyway enough of that. I will be one of the first to buy tickets to Comic-con if they come to Boston!

Well I better be going. I have somethings to do, as usual. I need me some lunch, as I completely missed breakfast! Anyway have a great day everyone!

Trees and Lights

Well a lot of people have already started putting up their lights, and trees. Strangely enough this year we haven’t yet.

Last year we did it right after Thanksgiving. I suppose because our stuff was conveniently in one place, and now it’s in a storage place, so it’s not as handy as it was before. But we did get some lights up on the windows which I’m happy for. And they are so bright, neighbors aren’t quite as bright. When we were shopping yesterday for them, I was hoping to find some that auto-shut, but we weren’t able to but we found a better deal, and I like deals

I started this post earlier, but I started to feel sick again, like before. A horrible nauseous feeling that I’ve experienced before. Gosh I hate that so much, yuck! I’ve been feeling like that off and on all day. It totally ruined my day for doing laundry I really wanted to get it done today, so now I’ll do it tomorrow.

I think I got all my shopping done for William, so I’m happy about that, and really excited to get started with wrapping gifts, thats the fun part!

So my birthday was awesome, I had lasagna (my favorite), and William baked me a cake, it was pink he did such an amazing job, and he got me a NOOKcolor for my birthday, Oh I have wanted one for some time. I am so happy and excited about that. He also gave me a gift certificate to get some books and a cover for it. He’s played chess on it, and lost twice hehe. He’ll have to teach me to play chess one of these days. I’ll have to show photos later.

Jackie and Anna sent me a short home video, wishing me a Happy Birthday, it made me tear up, I miss them so much. It was such a lovely gift. I need to remove it from my mobile to save it. And my nephews also wished me a Happy Birthday via Facebook, my friends on Facebook also sent me good wishes, so it was really nice to be remembered, thank you everyone!. It was really lovely, but honestly the best was spending it with William, he makes me so happy, I’m such a lucky girl to have him in my life. I love you William! Anyway, I need to go for now. Have a great week everyone.