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Any Plans?

So this weekend is 4 of July, I’m sure a lot of people will be heading out of town. As for us we’ll be staying in, we love barbecuing, and I know William has wanted to BBQ for a while now, so yeah I think tomorrow will be the first for the summer!! Yay.

Tomorrow William has half a day, yay!!! So he’ll be home early, we rented to blockbuster films, yeah we got some codes for a free rental, yippie woohoo, I love freebies!! So tomorrow is a very special day, it’s our anniversary, yes that is right 2 years woohoo, how cool is that. I’ll probably post again tomorrow, but just wanted to throw that in. He makes me so happy. I’m truly blessed!

As for July 4th, well I remember back in California, people were allowed to buy fireworks but out here in MA it’s not allowed, kind of sad because all my life, we always got fireworks. I’m not saying there won’t be any type of displays, there will be, organised ones, which is safe for everyone. But growing up, going with your parents, to buy fireworks was always thrilling. I always loved those times.

Well now I am some place different, no longer a child, and I don’t have kids, so I guess that’s not something I would be doing with them. We may or may not go see fireworks display, I will check see where there is locally, and see if he’s up to it, or just wants to BBQ.

I got William something really nice, but it arrived, and it was crap, so I had to return. Luckily I found a nicer one, but its taken long for them to deliver, so I don’t see it arriving until next week *sigh* ahh well. I’m not sure what we’re doing for our anniversary, really I am just happy to be with my baby. Ok well I best go, it’s time to spend some time with the love of my life.

Um Summer Yet?

Well seems like Spring just sprung right past us, with the way the weather has been, you can’t tell what season it is lol. I love all the seasons, but I would like some summer weather, I know William is getting tired of the rain and cold. This past weekend though has been really beautiful, today it’s lovely outside, so is it really summer finally? Oh gosh I hope so. I’m not a big fan of humidity and I know summer brings it here, some days can be tolerable, but there are some days that I just plain refuse to go out, I will turn around and just walk back in the house lol, no I’m kidding, I won’t because I don’t need an argument or to have William upset with me, I just become a grump until the a/c in the truck is running and I’m cooled off I’m then a happy camper.

So this weekend or should I say Saturday, William went to this sisters to spend the night, as he had promised the kiddies, that’s really sweet of William, those kids are so lucky to have an uncle like him. I told William just last night, how I wish I had an uncle like you. He said why? I told him, because you are so funny, and you always want to play with the kids, and make them laugh, he is so so VERY good with them. I love my guy so much!

So last night was the big season premiere for True Blood, unfortunately we don’t have HBO and we don’t expect to get it any time soon, they are over charging for that channel, I have other ways of getting to see the episode, so I’m going to try my best to avoid everyone and anyone that talks about it, until I have seen it Among many good shows that have just premiered another one is Falling Skies, what I like about this show, is that it started with the invasion already happening, instead of leading up to it, which is killer, I love that!! It doesn’t interferes with True Blood as it starts right after that, well in my area anyway.

Oh speaking of invasions, I happen to look at my twitter, and noticed that John Ritter (yes I follow him) hehe. He posted an event from facebook, for trying to save the TV show ‘The event’, I personally would like to see what happens, since I had watched it from the beginning, and I’m already commited to the show, so if anyone likes/loves the show, please go and join this event! Here is the link Save ‘The Event’! Thanks so much! Right with that said I think I will go, as I have so much to do, as usual haha.