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More Snow!

How wonderful is that? It’s fantastic, the only set back is laundry, being I have to take my laundry to the laundry facilities, and the walk is not far at all, that isn’t the problem. The thing is I have to go down a flight of stairs, and with snow, water, and possibly ice, it can be dangerous. I was suppose to get my ass up today, but last night I couldn’t sleep comfortably, my left shoulder is always hurting, probably because I lay on that side too much? Lol, quite possible. So I couldn’t get myself up. I was dead tired, seriously! William was going to take them down the stairs for me. I didn’t anticipate the snow today, I thought it would come later tonight, but it’s here!

So now it’s going to be put off yet a bit longer, ugh I feel horrible. I hate not having laundry facilities inside my home. I’m living with it though. I have to say I just love the snow, so much. That I’m trying not to complain too much lol. I hope I get a chance to take photos, I know we got at least 3 more months of some winter weather, as far as snow fall, I’m not sure. So that’s my dilemma.

I have had a lot of distractions lately, thankfully I got a lot of pictures uploaded for some of my eBay items, so I’m happy about that. So it all just comes down to creating descriptions, settling on a price, and we are set! I’m happy about that, it’s moving along nicely. Had some good success with selling, which makes everyone happy!!

Oh I have added more to my dA, I’m so happy about that. You know I have been photographing things for a long time, nothing professional or anything like that. But I have had some pretty impressive photos, if I don’t say so myself. I just never thought about putting them on dA, I wanted to put them somewhere, where others can see them, not just a gallery on my website, I’m much happier this way. If you are interested in viewing them, please visit my dA, my username is emmiiee cute hey actually a lot of good names were taken, and I couldn’t make up my mind, so now I have. That’s going to be a permanent one! If you happen to have a dA please add me, it would be great to see what you add as well. There is not much there, but it’s fine for now.

Anyways, between eBay, dA, and trying to work on my sites, it’s really a lot, not to mention the daily distractions, I am so very sorry for the lack of updates not only on my tutorials website, but also on my web directory. Again I am saying that I may decide to close down, or move content from one site to another, kind of combine, I’m not sure yet. Any ideas? Please feel free. Well that is it for now, I need to try to list a few things on eBay, have a great day, whatever is left of it!

Steelers Stomped The Jets

I think last night was the first time I experienced below zero temperatures. From what my weather bug app said, it was -4 last night, wow, that is a record for me. It felt like it too. I couldn’t seem to get warm lol. In the end I did, it helps when you have someone to cuddle up with, and two layers of thick comforters, that also helped out. Ok so I did something naughty last week, I had been talking about adopting out some of my fan listings, well a god portion that is. Well I had signed up for another fan listing, I was sure it would of been taken already, but it wasn’t so I’m like *yay* lol. I’m not saying what it’s for right now, I will when it’s done. I have yet to start working on it. Gosh what am I getting myself into hehe.

So yesterday I caught the last half of the game. And I am very happy to see that the Steelers did me proud by pounding on the Jets. There was this one particular guy that was talking shit to me about my Patriots lol, so I told him that’s cool, because thats as far as the Jets are going. I told him, the Steelers are going to bet them, and they did. So I’m really happy about that. I have always been a Steelers fan, even though I love the Patriots as well. So I’m happy to see them go to the Super Bowl, again!

I have been working hard to get my eBay stuff going, last night I spend a few hours organising my photos, as I had already did measuring, and getting all the details. So last night I have a nice bath of items that I can put on eBay. I also have this adorable heart shaped jewelry box, I am eager to put that on eBay as well, as Valentine’s is nearing, and I would really like to sell it, it’s brand new and all. Wish me luck on that.

So we just recently finished watching the X-Files series, I believe I spoke of this last week. So we are on to a new show, we decided on Heroes, and I am just loving this show, we’ve only watched 3 episodes, but as I told William last night, ‘Hook, Line and Sinker!’ I am hooked, and will want to see it through. I’m also going to be watching Californication. Ever since X-Files, I fell in love with the actor David Duchovny, and I watched one episode of Californication like a few weeks ago, and I do like it, so I am going to play catch up with that show too.

Gosh Valentine’s is coming around, and I’m not sure what to get William, I have a few ideas, but I have to pick his brain a bit more lol. I thought something Star Trek related, he loves Star Trek anything lol, he’s such a geek, but I love him to bits. Oh last night, we were playing a game of Monopoly, I think at one point I tweeted that he was winning, and he still is. We stopped the game to have dinner and watch TV, and will be finishing up the game today hopefully. I’m nearly bankrupt lol, it makes me laugh how I’m paying out of my butt for things hehe. It’s so much fun though.

I think that is it for now, I’m going to have some breakfast, catch an episode of Californication, and then head upstairs to work on eBay, of course I’ll need to tidy up downstairs before coming up. I can’t wait for Being Human, the American version, that is on tonight, it’s such a good show! I thought about catching the first episode of the UK version, just to see what it’s like, but I thought naaa, it’ll just ruin this for me. So I’m leaving that alone. Ok well that’s it for now, have a great day and week!