PixelfxOrg & KissMeOrg Are For Sale

So I finally did it, didn’t think I would but knew I had to. I am selling Pixelfx.org, I hope to get a good price for it, because it is a good domain, has been active since 2004, has been around a long time, and feel it’s a desirable domain, for a design website or even photography. So I am in the process of changing servers on it, but then it will reside on my reseller, until it is sold. So if you are interested at all, drop me an email by using my contact form.

Today I plan on moving some of my cliques over to this domain, I should of done it a long time ago, but I hadn’t. It’s coming from my old collective domain at Kiss-Me.Org, that I will always be selling, so hope to get a good price for that as well. I am considering going through a company if I have no luck. I think I had that domain about as long as I had Pixelfx.org, so it’s a pretty old and well known domain, still active, but will be moving to my reseller as well.

The cliques I am moving are Pride, Screenshot Exchange, Siblings and USA! Those are coming from She-Says.Com, and Eww! A clique for the squeamish and Rules Suck! Will be coming from Kiss-Me.Org, I am considering letting Rules Suck! Go, but I think I may try to find it a new owner first. More updates as it happens. I am moving servers on She-Says.Com, so figured it’s a good time to give the cliques a new home at this domain! It’s appropriate I think, and well it is all part of my collective, so I should have it all in the same place.

Even though I had to re-post this, because I did trying adding a clique and it messed everything up, that I had to beg my host to do a back up, which finally was successful! Yay so happy. I am going to have to add members manually, and on some cliques that is going to be such a long job ugh, I dread it. I don’t know if I want to go through the stress I did with almost losing everything.

Okay well better get back to it, got lots to do. Have a great week!

More Snow!

How wonderful is that? It’s fantastic, the only set back is laundry, being I have to take my laundry to the laundry facilities, and the walk is not far at all, that isn’t the problem. The thing is I have to go down a flight of stairs, and with snow, water, and possibly ice, it can be dangerous. I was suppose to get my ass up today, but last night I couldn’t sleep comfortably, my left shoulder is always hurting, probably because I lay on that side too much? Lol, quite possible. So I couldn’t get myself up. I was dead tired, seriously! William was going to take them down the stairs for me. I didn’t anticipate the snow today, I thought it would come later tonight, but it’s here!

So now it’s going to be put off yet a bit longer, ugh I feel horrible. I hate not having laundry facilities inside my home. I’m living with it though. I have to say I just love the snow, so much. That I’m trying not to complain too much lol. I hope I get a chance to take photos, I know we got at least 3 more months of some winter weather, as far as snow fall, I’m not sure. So that’s my dilemma.

I have had a lot of distractions lately, thankfully I got a lot of pictures uploaded for some of my eBay items, so I’m happy about that. So it all just comes down to creating descriptions, settling on a price, and we are set! I’m happy about that, it’s moving along nicely. Had some good success with selling, which makes everyone happy!!

Oh I have added more to my dA, I’m so happy about that. You know I have been photographing things for a long time, nothing professional or anything like that. But I have had some pretty impressive photos, if I don’t say so myself. I just never thought about putting them on dA, I wanted to put them somewhere, where others can see them, not just a gallery on my website, I’m much happier this way. If you are interested in viewing them, please visit my dA, my username is emmiiee cute hey actually a lot of good names were taken, and I couldn’t make up my mind, so now I have. That’s going to be a permanent one! If you happen to have a dA please add me, it would be great to see what you add as well. There is not much there, but it’s fine for now.

Anyways, between eBay, dA, and trying to work on my sites, it’s really a lot, not to mention the daily distractions, I am so very sorry for the lack of updates not only on my tutorials website, but also on my web directory. Again I am saying that I may decide to close down, or move content from one site to another, kind of combine, I’m not sure yet. Any ideas? Please feel free. Well that is it for now, I need to try to list a few things on eBay, have a great day, whatever is left of it!