Hello March

And with March here now, are we going to see some lovely warm weather? I hope so. As I look through the window I see the sun casting some love onto the house, yes some nice sunlight, ahh I can just imagine how warm it feels on my skin. I am looking forward to the warmer days ahead! Then before you know it, I’ll be complaining about how hot it is lol.

So I’ve been doing my eBay thing, not only selling, but buying a few things as well. And honestly one thing that really pisses me off is that fact people don’t like to mention that something runs a smaller size than the actual size. I mean how hard it is to be 100% honest with someone, that just really gets to me. I guess this is why people are leary about eBay, but you know, you can keep on top of things, and ask a million questions. Lol. I know you shouldn’t have to but sometimes you have to. People get lazy with their eBay listings. Ahh well, what can you do? Just be careful, and check out the persons feedback.

For the past few days my neck has been a wreck, on Saturday morning, I woke up in pain, literally howling out in pain lol. It’s not funny, but it seems like it would be. It’s been getting better. My sweet loving boyfriend, got me a heating pad that just did an amazing job. Because later that day, we had a birthday party to go to. It was an eventful day I have to say. But my neck was fine, a bit stiff, but no fully on pain like I was when I woke up. Thank you William, you are the dearest, sweetest man ever and I am so very lucky to have you by my side.

As for the birthday party, it was really cool, the kids had fun, and yes they did get out of control, to the point they were calling William a poopy head and throwing toys at him, which that was a bit too much, and William did the right thing, and walked away from them. They got a little talking to later, it was weird, I sat there watching this all develop, it started with two kids, then turn into 4 than 5, and they were all doing the same thing, all under 8 years old haha. Poor William, I feel for him, but they are kids, and he kids do get very ‘energetic’ lol. I won’t fully blame the cake, because it has a nice topping, the kids were just all too excited, and get a group of them together, they are out of control haha. You got to love them little sweethearts, and William is a good person to sit there and play with the kids the way he does. I love my William so much!

I’ll post one of two pics for now. Silly me forgot to take my good camera to the party, so I was reduced to taking picture with my mobile camera, and trust me motion does not come out good, so there is not as many good photos, as I had hoped. So a few of these will do.

Madeline hiding behind her Princess balloon, she is kind of shy at first!
Madeline, RJ and Jeremy, although RJ is in there, it isn’t his birthday but he likes being in the mix of things
And here is where the kids chaos all started, and RJ just wanted to play a game of Trouble, and oh did it turn into trouble not too long after lol

A Bit Of Snow

So last night we had a little bit of snow. I was hoping for more, but I guess a lot of people have gotten tired of all the snow, especially those in Boston that were bombarded with snow. Gosh I’m jealous We were in Boston earlier in the week, actually last week I like hehe. And I took a few shots of how it looked with the snow. Wow I was shocked, but loved looking at it sooo much!! I have some pictures to share with you, hope you like them. It’s amazing in Boston!

Ok I hope you can see them, otherwise I will be editing after I finish using managewp, so in these photos, you can see how much snow they got. We were driving up a street and some poor lady was outside digging up her car, because the next day we were suppose to be hit with more snow, but we didn’t get any, so I’m not sure if they did. But her care was very buried. Look at one of the photos, and the icicles next to the window, that is madness, it’s a first for me, so it was rather exciting

So V is on tonight, I really enjoy that show. I remember when the first version was out, I watched it them too, this is a much newer version more believable hehe, I can’t imagine that happening to us. I often ask myself, what is all these films and TV shows about aliens and all about, is it because someone knows something and they don’t want to tell us? I guess a lot of people wonder the same things. I love X-Files, it leaves so much to your imagination, I’ve also been watching Heroes, I wish they would to a finale on that, because they left it unfinished, come on NBC or is it CBS lol one of them, do them right. We aren’t done watching that series, but omg we are so hooked on it

Ok well it’s almost time for out evening time, and dinner, so I better get going. See ya!