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OMG, Where The *bleep*

Ok so where has time gone? Where?! Huh? Can anyone tell me that? When was the last time I posted on here, seems like forever. Wait I know, I probably didn’t have much to talk about. Hmm come to think of it not much has changed, but I thought I’d post a little something anyway, so what’s today? Oh yeah the last day of February aww bye bye February we’ll see you next year. Yeah so it’s like sooo windy right now! Sudden changes in weather its unbelievable. Omg also England had an earthquake not too long ago. Okay I am from California, so I am use to them yeah? But I didn’t feel a damn thing to be honest!! Haha I’m like What!!!! an Earthquake!? Your kidding me, I didn’t feel nothing and i was awake at the time too. Did anyone other Englanders (is that a word?) feel anything? Oh well I was hoping I’d feel it, then I’d be able to compare them to California earthquakes haha.

Right so what have I been up to lately. Not a lot. I was working on a script over at but ran into a little glitch and I abandoned it for the time being. But I think I shall go back to it and try to fix it. Then I am still brainstorming on the whole site, OMFG I seriously either need to close down for revamp or get to fixing that site. I just don’t have the motivation, and it’s been renewed for another year already both hosting and domain name. So I need to do something. I don’t think anything is going to happen this next month, got stuff in my personal life coming up that well just takes over all this internet stuff. I won’t bore you all no more. Anyway thats my update for the time being. Oh yeah and if you are thinking of seeing a movie called Dead Lake, DON’T see it, its such a waste of a movie, acting sucks lol, and it just a waste seriously, Millie I’m getting you for making me go through having to watch that lol *evil laugh* wait till I get you back! Okay well I guess I’ll carry on now. Okay see you all later, have a great weekend and if you are in England, stay dry. See ya!

Happy Valentine’s Day

Yes I’m a little late, it happens especially on Valentines lol. This is yet another short post. I wanted to thank all my visitors and hostees for being awesome and I’m leaving a gift for those that do visit please pick it up as a thank you for being such great visitors. Don’t be shy leave a comment.

Oh yeah I adopted out the Land of The Dead Fanlisting to Candeta, she’s wanted this for some time and I did talk about adopting out my fanlistings so hey thats a start, go and visit the awesome new layout she has at Land of the Dead I’m sure she will be an incredible owner. I also am adopting out The Bangles and Bearshare fanlisting, but I have yet to know the new homes soon as I do I will post about it. If you see a fanlisting, hatelisting, namelisting, numberlisting, or even a clique that you might like to adopt then use my KIM list on the sidebar to do that. I’m looking for good homes for my stuff. I’m cutting down as my life is getting a bit crazy and I don’t have as much time to dedicate or if your simply a fan than go and join, yay!!

That is, oh yeah about my Valentine’s well I got a dozen gorgeous ruby red roses, a box of some delicious candy and a cute lil teddy bear oh yeah and I got 2 Valentine cards, that’s right 2 lol. I’m not really into candy lol but it was still nice. I sent her a box of chocolates, she loves chocolates, some beautiful Red Roses, it’s only appropriate, I have wine for her but thats here, she’ll get that when she gets here. I also have some other cute little goodies for when she comes down here. Oh yeah and I wanted to thank Felix and Jennifer for sending us a beautiful basket with candy, flowers and wine (Al will love this) Thank you so much Felix and Jennifer you guys are so wonderful. I hope you all had a great Valentine’s and if you don’t like this day so much, well its over and you all can go on as usual.

Please take this as a thank you for being such awesome visitors. Hostees I’ll be either emailing you it or posting it in your blog! Hope you all had a wonderful one!

Thank you and happy valentine's day