Why Do I Forget?

I’m constantly forgetting my password for this managewp.com, it makes me laugh because it’s been 3 days in a row I tried logging in and nothingness lol. So I finally broke down and used that very useful link ‘password lost’ or whatever it is. Anyway, I still don’t know what my other password was, but I am in and that’s all that matters. I can finally write blog yay!

Wow I am just sitting in the room writing this blog, and I can hear the birds chirping outside, oh my gosh, spring is just about here. William told me it’s been a sunny day all day, which makes me happy to hear, because inside the house it’s rather cold. More so downstairs than upstairs, although it kind works the opposite way, as heat rises, so I guess it does make sense that it was hotter up here. I just confused myself lol. It was cold downstairs, so I thought the day was cold too, even when I went out to get the mail, it felt cold, but now that I’m upstairs, it feels warmer to the point I opened a window.

It’s going be time to put away the winter cloths and bring out the summer cooler clothing. Just incase keep a few things around, from looking at the weather bug app, it said we may have rain on Thursday, so we’ll see.

So I have been working on fixing my errors on my fanlisting collective, and I still seem to have an error, although I am able to add a new fanlisting, which is where the problems started, that is sorted and I’m really happy about that. But since I am using wordpress themes, I am trying to use Enthusiast script with wordpress, and that’s where I came across a problem. So I went to thefanlistings.org member board and posted my problem, and hopefully someone can get back to me soon. If I don’t get some help by the end of this week, I am going to consider making my own layout, but the problem with that will be using wordpress as my blogging script only. Then I think about the pages I have added on wordpess, and I’m like UGH!!! I don’t want to go through all that BS you know? There must be a way to fix this!!!

The more I think about it, the more frustrated I get. I have so many things to do, and not very much time to do them. Not that I have like deadlines, thank goodness lol, but still everything is stressing me. I have laundry to do here, and I haven’t done that yet, I wasn’t feeling up to it today, gosh I hate not having a washer/dryer in the house, it’s so annoying lol. I guess I’m complaining, when aren’t I hey? Lol, but that is how life is sometimes. Take the good with the bad! Well I can’t keep complaining and just jump right into it, so that’s what I’m going to do. That’s all for now.

But Why?

Well last two days I have been feeling depressed :no: . I got an email from my sister a few days ago, and I just read it last night. I’m really disappointed in what I read, not disappointed with my sister but with her daughter. I won’t bore you and get into all the details but I’m angry, disappointed and shocked to be honest. Anyway, so I think perhaps I must of been feeling that, and that is where my depression came on. Well I felt sad, and well I knew I would eventually which I did, I also cried a bit this morning. I guess it’s just a lot of things.

I really don’t know, I’m no expert, lol.

I texted William the first day I was feeling down, and told him about it. I also said it maybe signs of well the ‘monthly monster’ coming for a visit :pain:

And sure enough this morning, BAM!! The evil being has arrived, oh gosh I feel for William over the weekend. I promise to control myself, and I’m sorry ahead of time William!

So yesterday, I was unpacking things I packed like a few months ago, because I had so much to list. I wanted to sort some things out first, things that I had out already to sell. It’s been going good, slow but hey I’m a noob at this. Well as I unpacked I realised, gosh I have a lot lol. Well it keeps me busy and brings in extra cash.

I got these comic books gosh a few years back, lol. I never read them. The ‘Johnny, The Homicidal Maniac‘ I don’t know I was in a mood lol, and I got them from I think it was Torrid or something, I don’t really remember because it had to have been at least 5 years. Well I never read them lol. So I thought I would put them up on eBay and sell them, as they are just sitting here collecting dust. I have been tempted to open and read them, but I thought perhaps I would get a little more if i don’t, as they are still ‘new’.

We’ll see how they sell :yes: what’s better is I have all 7 issues, yippie :dance:

So I haven’t really had much of a chance to watch baseball, but we, from time to time listen to them in the truck as we do our shopping. Gosh the Red Sox have done terrible this season so many of the good players are out. I guess I haven’t missed much hey?

Speaking of sports, football season is here!! Yay go Patriots! I hope they do well this season, I hope to be watching with William, as he is a big Patriots fan, and always watches the games. His birthday present is Patriots related shhh not saying what, in case he is reading

As I look around the room, I think ‘gosh there is so much to put away again. I have to prioritise the things I want to sell. I try to sell according to season, and well when the holidays are in full swing I know some things will go quicker than others *fingers crossed*

Oh The Vampire Diaries :vampire: season has started, I’m excited to see that. Ghost Hunters :ghost: is back as well, yay! Need a little spook now and then to sharpen you up hehe, and True Bloods season finale is Sunday, my gosh that was fast! I am still in shock that Bill and Sookie (character names) are married in real life, good for them!!!!!

Ok well I best get some things sorted here, and try to list a few things. Have an awesome weekened everyone, and hope you get some :sun: while you can, because the weather sure is changing quickly, we are having :cloudy: and possible :rain: through the whole weekend, so enjoy while it’s still there. Ttfn!