Happy February!

So according to Punxsutawney Phil has predicted we are going to have an early spring, that must make lots of people happy. I am happy to know this, but in some ways I wanted more snow. We were suppose to get snow today, but nope, only rain, BORING!!! Hehe. So I think I am going to want to start saving up for a deposit for a dog, because I really want one, and come spring it’ll be so much fun walking him (yes I want a boy), not that I wouldn’t walk him in the winter lol. I even have his name picked out, William already knows, not telling anyone else either.

So it’s the month of love. Imagine how much money is going to be spent on Valentine’s Day, gosh millions maybe even billions lol, am I exaggerating? Perhaps, but it’s possible. So I need to put a little rush on my babes vday gift(s) lol. May be more than one. Hmm wonder what I’ll get him. Gosh whatever I get him, I hope he loves it. I would like to get him something that would make him go “OMG” you know? hehe. So since it’s Valentine month, I thought I would sport a Valentine wordpress theme, I tend to change during the month, but I do stay on the same theme, this being Valentine’s day Hope you like it.

Anyways, we have been watching Heroes lately, it’s a great show, we are so addicted to it hehe. But we can’t stop watching. Gosh I love Netlflix, who doesn’t hey? We are going to watch V tonight, and possibly but not likely Black Swan, can’t wait to see that! So since I let this post sit, I will end here, as I lost my train of thought, hate when that happens, anyway have a great week everyone!