So Terribly Sad

Did you all hear about the killer whale that killed it’s trainer, Dawn Brancheau at SeaWorld Orlando? Omgosh!! It’s killed before and they still let it out with trainers, this is such a sad story. I feel so bad for the family, what is going to be done? Are they going to let it be trained by another person and have all that happen again, didn’t they learn the first time? It should of been enough personally with the first time it killed, hello .. its a Killer Whale for gosh sakes! You can read about it here if you like article. Ahh I should change the theme of this post, it’s too sad, but so much sad news comes on, you can’t help but read or watch it.

This week we had to change the faucet on the claw foot tub, I twittered about it, but still wanted to briefly talk about it, it all ended up good, William did an fantastic job, we will use less water now, since the old faucet was still releasing water, even after the shower was running, I’m really proud of him, he did such a good job. We now have a great shower, and we will be able to conserve water now, I’m really happy about that. Use less water, and save money, something that I know everyone is trying to do. Anyway it was a good ending to a week. I wish other news could be better, and I’m referring to the dog situation, but we’ll see. I still am hoping things will turn around, say a prayer If you feel so inclined to donate so that I can get a dog that would be fabulous, it’s a $400 dollar adoption fee, and it would be so incredibly awesome of you, but if you can’t that’s ok, a prayer would be lovely too

I have been playing around on Blip.Fm if you are on there add me, my user name is thatchick, I can always use more listeners hehe. I have discovered a some good music there, check it out if you can. I also belong to the Blip.Fm community, so join there as well you can find it at Blip.Fm Community, they are so friendly there Anyway moving along, tomorrow we will be going to a birthday party for Williams twin niece and nephew, omgosh I’ve posted pictures of them before, they are just adorable. Jeremy looks like William, from what I have been told, I have yet to see photos of William as a little boy, but omgosh lil Jeremy is adorable, and Maddy oh shes such a little angel, they are so cute at that age, I can imagine what a handful they are for Jaime! I don’t have kids, so I don’t know first hand, although I am an auntie, so I do know what they can be like at that age, terrible two’s says it all hehe. Ahh but they are little darlings. Anyway it’s getting later and I’ve made this post all too long, have a wonderful weekend everyone, thank you for the visit, please visit my lovely link exchanges, they always have such lovely posts. As always I will leave you with a video, I heard this song today on the radio, it’s probably played other times too but today it just particularly stood out to me. Rob Thomas – Someday!

Wow April Already!

Yeah it seems to go by fast these days. I mean super fast. Before you know it, its April. So not a lot going on here, I have added a new hostee, but that he is moving in so soon as he is moved in I will plug him and you can all go and visit him, leave him love and all that good stuff. A big change is coming up in my life soon, so when or soon after that I will talk about it, for now I don’t think so. Oh yeah did I mention my niece had her baby!!! Yeah she did, Omg he is so precious, he was born in March and I forgot to show you all his picture, his name is Jayden and he is so adorable see!!!

Baby Jayden

Isn’t he just a little angel, he looks like his mother so much! I remember when she was a wee little baby, she looked just like him!!! It makes me feel like having a baby lol. I guess I should be married first lmao ;). Ahh the single life lol

It’s that time again, to update my listings, omg it will take me hours to do that, I wanted to make a change on them as well so thats going to take a bit of time in between doing other things. So yeah thats how I am going to spend my Saturday night! I don’t mind, I kind of enjoy those quiet times at home, although I get lonely.

Hmm I just tried going to a hostees site, but its not coming up, I hope I didn’t remove the wrong one! I probably linked it wrong lol. I’ve had problems with sky broadband before so I would not be surprised if that it’s all me lol. Right okay well thats all for now. I got loads to do and I need to go and get some of it done. Hosting is open, so if you are interested head on to the hosting page. Have a great weekend, and week!