A Day Too Late, Lol

Everytime I blog, I forget to adjust the date on my wordpress, so it seems as if I posted today the next day, rather than the actual date, grrr :teeth: so let’s see if I remember today. If you are paying attention to my twitters lol you can tell the monthly monster has arrived, and omgosh it’s horrible. My moods are so out there, quick changes, sad, happy I hate being a woman sometimes. Ok maybe not a woman, but that part of it and everything associated with it. I have just been listening to some music, to put my mind at ease, had me a nice glass of white wine, and a really nice dinner that William made, bless him :mohawk: I changed the theme on my personal blog check it out she-says.com I change that one more than any other one though. I like this theme, so I don’t see changing it anytime soon.

Today, I got up, went to the couch to have a cup of coffee, sat there, and just dosed off like every hour. Seriously!! I didn’t get off that couch until like noon, but I think I slept half of that or just nodded most of the time haha. Had a wicked bad dream, I don’t want to talk about it, but glad it wasn’t true. Oh I never did burn that CD, nor did I finish using that Mp3Tag thingy, but hopefully tomorrow I’ll get a chance, permitting I don’t fall asleep and dose off on the couch again! I’m a little light headed, no I ain’t no drunk lol. Oh I joined another one of them websites to blog advertise, so I hope that, that’ll bring me in some more money, hehe to spend on ebay, hah kidding, well maybe a little, but yeah wish me luck! So I think I’ll go now that I changed the theme, and posted a little something. Have a lovely week :yes:

I Feel Broken

I really do feel broken, sometimes broken hearts do that. Anyway I won’t bore you with all those dumb little details. I’ll bore you with other stuff So over on Pixelfx.org I finally gave it a face lift, just a quicky. I put up wordpress and finally got rid of that ghastly layout I had before. I’m really glad to its really really over due. Getting to work on the tutorials will wait a bit, because recently my hosting has gone haywire and has messed up all my listings, every single one, down to the cliques. So now my job is to convert, before I even learned to covert I was in such a panic lol. I mean I did go to codegrrl forum for help since the official Enthusiast forum is there, but the replies were slow, and I was desperate to get my stuff converted as I seen no other solution to my problem. And the fact that I thought it was time, and would make things so much easier for me. I’m like that a lot. I wait until the last minute when I have no choice and then do it. Lol. So last few days that’s what I’ve been working on, another reason why I hadn’t updated here, but figured I should I don’t like letting too many days go by without posting something. I’m so glad that I had already installed Enthusiast, so that bit of it wasn’t going to be a problem, the converting was. That is what I was waiting for help on, because the instructions weren’t very clear, but then my good online friend Kryz came to my rescue to help me out and she was just amazing, so please pay her a visit, she also has lovely new layout up at her collective and loads of cool fanlistings to join. I think I am half way through, but am only working on fanlistings at the moment in converting, then I’ll tackle the rest. I have one fanlisting pending that I need to build but I have 4 weeks for that, so I have time.

I’m a little pissed off at my last.fm thingy because I am listening to music but it’s not keeping track of it so it looks like I listened to music like 2 days ago when I listened to music like a few hours ago. I don’t know what is wrong, is anyone else getting the same problem? It’s annoying me lol. Yeah so I am a bit down, I’m going through some personal emotional things right now. I don’t know why I even started up with this subject again, maybe because it’s really bothering me. Today I was online for a while, but then I just didn’t feel like being here anymore. So I laid down for a bit and continued reading the Twilight book which I’m half way through and really loving it. But then “the problem” kept popping into my mind and wouldn’t leave me alone So I said hell with it, I’ll let myself fall asleep and I did for a little bit, right before you go in to a deep sleep and then my mobile goes off and it wakes me. I was going to go to the room and nap where it’s a bit darker than the lounge, the lounge gets so much light, as you can see here.

Even with the shutters closed there is still loads of light, there is another window to the right that is not in the picture that lets in a lot of light, it’s gorgeous I love it, but at that moment I just wanted to close my eyes and not think about it at all. But then I remembered I had a few things I wanted to do online, apart from the converting since that isn’t finished yet! So here I am. Oh yeah speaking of Twilight another trailer is out about it, it’s really good, here it is enjoy, and have a great week everyone.