A Day Too Late, Lol

Everytime I blog, I forget to adjust the date on my wordpress, so it seems as if I posted today the next day, rather than the actual date, grrr :teeth: so let’s see if I remember today. If you are paying attention to my twitters lol you can tell the monthly monster has arrived, and omgosh it’s horrible. My moods are so out there, quick changes, sad, happy I hate being a woman sometimes. Ok maybe not a woman, but that part of it and everything associated with it. I have just been listening to some music, to put my mind at ease, had me a nice glass of white wine, and a really nice dinner that William made, bless him :mohawk: I changed the theme on my personal blog check it out she-says.com I change that one more than any other one though. I like this theme, so I don’t see changing it anytime soon.

Today, I got up, went to the couch to have a cup of coffee, sat there, and just dosed off like every hour. Seriously!! I didn’t get off that couch until like noon, but I think I slept half of that or just nodded most of the time haha. Had a wicked bad dream, I don’t want to talk about it, but glad it wasn’t true. Oh I never did burn that CD, nor did I finish using that Mp3Tag thingy, but hopefully tomorrow I’ll get a chance, permitting I don’t fall asleep and dose off on the couch again! I’m a little light headed, no I ain’t no drunk lol. Oh I joined another one of them websites to blog advertise, so I hope that, that’ll bring me in some more money, hehe to spend on ebay, hah kidding, well maybe a little, but yeah wish me luck! So I think I’ll go now that I changed the theme, and posted a little something. Have a lovely week :yes:

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