How Was Your Mother’s Day?

My mother’s day was all over the place. Not that I literally went everywhere, because it turned out we only went for a drive just to get out of the house, which was really nice by the way. There was a lot of emotions going around on Mother’s Day. As some of you may know, my mother passed away close to 10 years ago, so it does kind o suck on Mother’s Day, yes I shed a few tears because I miss her so much. She’s in a better place, and so am I. I have to admit I wish she could see me now, and be in my life right now to share the happiness I am living. I know she is watching over me, and smiling, so I have that comfort to live with. I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s day and took the time to at least call your Mother even if things are bad or good, it’s one phone call it won’t kill you! Same goes for Father’s day or someone’s birthday, heck even the holidays that only comes once a year. I know not everyone gets a long with all their family members, some stop talking after awhile. For instance in my family, sure my brothers have distant themselves from me and my sister, but that’s ok. I know they have lives to live. But a Christmas card once a year is not much to ask is it? But on that note, that time of the year is pretty hectic, and it can get away from you before you know it. Then you are into the new year and the cycle begins again. I should shut my yapper now, I think everyone knows what I mean. And people please please please, and do not be pushy on people either, everyone has their time they need to do what they need to do for their own sanity and their own happiness. It’s not so much but out, but more like be patience and give the person space. I’ve been doing that for my family for awhile now. So now I’ve made the steps to fill the gap, and send of greeting cards, so they know I care.

Right anyway, so it’s a beautiful day today, the house is always on the chilly side but it’s soooo gorgeous outside! Hmm this maybe a good time for a picnic wooohooo! Haven’t been on one of those in ages, well with family anyway hehe. Something I think I will give a go to this summer is a little miniature golfing, I never got a chance to do that, isn’t that sad? Yes it is, my ex’s were losers lol no I’m kidding or am I? lol. Oh bowling too, my knee is a bit bad right now, after my little accident while taking a trip to Ireland, but I think if I take my time I would be ok.

OMG I got my new mobile today, well actually Saturday lol. Yeah I got the Blackberry Storm 2, it’s really awesome, I am getting use to the touch screen, but I love it! It can be a problem with nails, any girls out there have long nails and have a problem texting? Probably so! I’ll get use to it, I’m loving it though! Thanks so much William, you are the best. My old blackberry is about to end soon, so we (as in William and myself) got the Blackberry Storm 2, he is really adjusting to it quite nicely. At first he was going to pick the Blackberry Tour but then they showed us the Storm turned on, not just the display one. I mean you can’t really appreciate the display one just like that, and he really liked it, so he turned out getting it as well. It’s an awesome mobile!