Where Does It Go?

I can’t believe how long I have been MIA lol. I have been so busy with so many things. And still on a deadline to re-install my collective script. A lot has been going on like I said, and I’m just glad things have been smoothing out. Makes me feel better, and it makes William less stressed as well. That makes me super happy I’m not going to bore you with details, because to others those are just boring.

I do have to say that in the next few weeks, there will be changes made, a new ‘personal’ domain for myself, while still keeping this one, I’ll basically be cross posting, I may leave out a post or two, we’ll see. As for my collective, it has a new home, and I will be working the next two days frantically to get it moved!! TFL.org has been so awesome with patience, and giving me extension, thank you so much TFL.org, now I just need to get things done.

On the entertainment side of things, we have been watching the Boston Bruins hockey, I’m so excited, seen them going to the Stanley Cup Finals, we lost the first two games in Van, but we did some major kick ass last night here at home in Boston!! 1-8 I believe the score was, I was shocked, at how Van let so many get in. And the hit that Horton took omg we were all so mad and cursing up a storm. Of course the Van team mate was ejected from the game! Horton on the other hand had to be taken away on a stretcher, from what I hear he’ doing fine, but I have a feeling he won’t be playing the rest of the finals, so sad damn Vancouver!!!

They obviously played last nights game, with everything they got, and I have a feeling they will play Wednesdays game the same way, GOOOO BRUINS!!! I’m going to leave you all with the victory dance. OH speaking of the victory dance, last night after the game, they didn’t show it, I don’t know if it’s because it was a different channel or something, but I was bummed out because I love to see the Victory dance, so we went to bed, and William gets my nook and looks up the victory dance on youtube hehe, and I’m like aww he wanted me to see the victory dance. That was such a thoughtful thing he did, William is such a great guy, and I’m such a lucky girl. Anyway here we go Boston Bruins victory dance!!

I’m Not MIA, Not Really

I know it seems like I have been missing in action. I have been here, just under the radar. Been so busy with what seems like a million things, that when I finally get around to finishing one thing, it seems my time has expired, now that sucks. I blame it on Drop Dead Diva, this week I had been catching up with the show, today I finally finished season two, and wow what an ending to that, I can’t wait for the new season, and I don’t have long to wait, just until June I believe is what I heard, I could be wrong, and you can correct me if I am. I love that show, it’s so fresh and quirky, makes me laugh and cry, and believe in true love. Ahh love! *thinks about William* hehe

I have so much internet stuff to do, I am seriously considering closing down pixelfx.org, I know I said I wouldn’t be seriously I don’t want to keep paying for it, if there is no need, I mean I can move it to another host, a free host and let it sit there and just pay on the domain name, I suppose I can do that until I get a good buyer for the name, because I’m sure its worth something, right? lol. Even if you don’t think it is, I think it is, and really in the end thats all that matters.

And then as for she-says.com, well I am keeping that as I do a lot of PPP blogging on that domain, and I think the name is perfect for blogging, don’t you think? I do! But at the same time I want to have my own little haven, which I have already purchased for 2 years, yay go me. I have been waiting almost 2 years for it to become free, and it finally has, and I can’t be any happier.

It does not stop there, I am also going to try to sell kiss-me.org, so if you are interested drop me an email by using my contact form, I will get back to you as soon as I can, I have already acquired another domain, with a little more appropriate name for my fan listing collective, that I am pleased, with, So yeah a lot of changes coming. I hope I can achieve them all in a timely manner.

That is only online stuff, well no actually its not all. I also have my ebay stuff that I do, so I have to make time for that, and recently my whole collective has gone to shit, well the script anyway lol. And since it’s going to be a new domain, I decided to just go ahead and move it! Phew my gosh, that is a lot of stuff, as for offline life, well I am big in to couponing, at least I am trying to get into it more, and learn the ropes and all that. Some people have really saved so much money, and with the way things are now, every penny counts!

There is a TV show called Extreme Couponing, comes out on Wednesdays at 9/8c, I think I have mentioned it before, i will leave you with a video on that, if you get excited and decide to get into it too, let me know, I can let you know about some forums to go to. You can also check out the youtube page about it, and other videos related to the show youtube.com/user/TLC, and also their website on TLC have fun couponing if you do decide to get started.