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Happy Thanksgiving

I just wanted to write a quick post, to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. There is a lot I want to be thankful for. My family and friends, the people I’ve met online over the years that includes those who visit my websites, thank you so much. Like I said so much I want to be thankful for I can go on forever hehe.

We are going to my Williams sisters house (Jaime) for Thanksgiving, it will be the first time going there. Last year we spent it together, and made a nice big Turkey, now it’s someone else’s turn, hehe!

Last night I made four pumpkin pies, yummy hey? Yeah but I’m only taking two! Last night we had our first piece, yeah I know I couldn’t wait. Hmm I have a picture around here somewhere. Anyway they aren’t deep dish, but that’s why I’m taking two

There we go. Trust me it looks yummier in person than the photo lol. Anyway, I better get going, and get myself ready. Oh yeah football game today as well. Go Patriots!!!!

How Easy Is It?

Ok so I had mentioned in a tweet and/or blog last week I believe, that I wanted to change domain names for, to another domain name. Being that is my collective, I have many smaller websites hosted on that domain, I have over 20. How easy is the transition. I believe I will be changing URLs on all my scripts, that is a lot of work. Not to mention a lot of th smaller things, like image URLs omgosh that will be a pain in the behind.

But it also means, the website will be down for a while, unsure how long. This is not affecting any of my other domains. I really hope to make the change this weekend. I want there to be plenty of time for me to sell I have had that domain for quite a long time, and I hope I can sell it. I’m sure it’s worth something by now, any ideas where I would be able to post the domain for sale? Perhaps my own registrar. Hmm any ideas, suggestions would be much appreciated.

This past weekend, we had gone out for a lovely drive, and stopped by Battleship Cove, they have these big ships docked there. Anyway we stopped and took a few pictures, then on the way home stopped again and took some more, there are some lovely pictures, I’m going to add a few, most are day time, but a few night ones too.