Archives for November 19, 2010

How Easy Is It?

Ok so I had mentioned in a tweet and/or blog last week I believe, that I wanted to change domain names for, to another domain name. Being that is my collective, I have many smaller websites hosted on that domain, I have over 20. How easy is the transition. I believe I will be changing URLs on all my scripts, that is a lot of work. Not to mention a lot of th smaller things, like image URLs omgosh that will be a pain in the behind.

But it also means, the website will be down for a while, unsure how long. This is not affecting any of my other domains. I really hope to make the change this weekend. I want there to be plenty of time for me to sell I have had that domain for quite a long time, and I hope I can sell it. I’m sure it’s worth something by now, any ideas where I would be able to post the domain for sale? Perhaps my own registrar. Hmm any ideas, suggestions would be much appreciated.

This past weekend, we had gone out for a lovely drive, and stopped by Battleship Cove, they have these big ships docked there. Anyway we stopped and took a few pictures, then on the way home stopped again and took some more, there are some lovely pictures, I’m going to add a few, most are day time, but a few night ones too.