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Hosting Change

Ok this is just something I wasn’t expecting, and wasn’t looking forward to. I really expected to stay with same host for like ever until I decided to close my website! But it looks like this is going to happen sooner than expected, I just got an email yesterday about it. I seen a few people react to it, and I am reacting right along with them. I’m not happy, it’s going to be a lot of work, and I hope that I don’t lose some of my fanlistings because of it lol.

I know I’m laughing, but because I hate complications, and this is going to be a pain in the ass. I never had to move hosts before, I can honestly say I have been with the same host from the beginning, that’s a long time.

I did find another host, and I hear only good things, the prices are fantastic, perhaps you have seen them around Hostgator, do you have any comments about that hosting company? What do you like, what don’t you like? Do you know someone better that you can recommend? Now I heard that they transfer your website from one server to another, so if that is true, than that is a big plus that would make me so very happy.

I just wish my current hosting company would contact me ASAP, what happen is that they sold their shared hosting business to Fluid Hosting, effective immediately! So that means I need to start looking around, but since one of my friends uses Hostgator, that is where I think I will be moving to.

So if any of my hostees plan on moving with me, you need to let me know ASAP!!! It’s important that you at least read my updates to know what is going on here! I will try contacting you once, if I don’t hear from you, than I will assume you are NOT interested in moving with me. I will NOT back up your files, that is your responsibility, not mine. If you have wordpress, I will be happy to back up your database, but you must must contact me, use the form on the website if you have to, but please do it today or tomorrow!!

I know you are probably wondering, why don’t I stay with the new host, they are way too expensive, and I feel confident with Hostgator, I’m sorry, I pay the bills you don’t. I will post again with more details, as soon as I hear it.

Happy Birthday William!

Happy Birthday WilliamHere it comes again, another birthday for such a lovely, loving, caring, friendly, helpful, tender, realistic, thoughtful, guy I have ever had the pleasure to know. Thank you for coming into my life, you are the best ever!!! Well yes this is a special post for a really special guy, William! His birthday, which coincidentally falls on the same day my nephew Mike, so Happy Birthday to Mike as well. I love you sweety, and miss you like crazy. Come home soon (home being CA, not MA) lol.

It’s been raining today, so it’s a lot colder *brrr* earlier there was really loud thunder and lightening, I mean seriously loud, I was a bit concerned hehe. Maybe it seemed louder because I was upstairs? It has stopped now, thank goodness! Oh my the sun came out how nice, and weird at the same time, thunder and lighetening, then the nice sun comes out, yay!

So what is going to happen tonight, well celebrate William’s birthday of course! It’s a week day so there isn’t really going to be any drinking, something he’ll like for dinner, some cake, presents. It will pretty much be a typical Thursday. We’ll watch Ghost Hunters, and Survivor, and just relax, back to work as usual on Friday! Yeah he should of taken Thur and Fri off, but hey it’s not that easy, and well in this day and time, you can’t really afford to take much time off, unless its absolutely necessary.

So I recently entered a contest, but I am saying right now. I don’t think I’m close to winning lol. But I do want to ask people to click for me, and help me get my points up. The big prize is 5,000 yup! It’s to promote the new AMC Televsion series that is premiering on Halloween October 31, 2010, yeah I know you know when Halloween is, but others may not Anyway the TV series is called ‘The Walking Dead‘ omg can you guess what it is about?

Heh, yup! ZOMBIES!!!!

click me click me click me

Yeah I can’t believe they are actually coming out with a TV series about zombies, I am so excited about this, as you know or don’t know. I am a big horror film fan, and zombies is right at the top! Like 2 or 3 posts back I posted a trailer about it, so I thought I would post it again, to remind people what it is about. Please please click on the banner above and that will give me a point, that’s all it takes just a *click* no signing up for anything, or logging in, just a click!!! Leave a comment if you did, that is if you want me to return the favor for something

There you go, so please click on ‘The Walking Dead’ banner and help me win the big prize!!!