Archives for September 15, 2010

Ok That Is Just BS

That’s right bull :poop: One of my commenter’s (from my other website) was recently hacked, and they deleted all her stuff, poor thing. I’ve been hacked before, but not to the point of deleting all my files, thats just ridiculous. She didn’t do anything, but blog, why would someone just want to delete her stuff like that. That is just wrong, wrong wrong :reallypissed:.

Get a life!!!!

Anyway, last night I didn’t sleep enough (seems to be a pattern lately), so I am feeling tired. Should I take a nap? Hmm not sure. I have a lot to do, so I don’t want to. But on that same not, I feel I won’t be able to put in my 100% if I don’t nap if even for a little while.

Guess I didn’t take the nap. I got distracted and then drank my cold coffee, I should go get more, that is what will keep me going

During my distraction I went to and made a page, so visit and whatever lol yeah emily was taken, damn her! :no: next best thing though hey?

I stepped away for a good two hours, but am back now. Anyway I know this is a short but sweet blog hehe, but I have stuff to do. Have a lovely day everyone