BAFAB; Buy a Friend a Book!

Win a FREE book at I was just chatting to Chris on MSN, when my Twitter thing popped up with someone posting a link to something, and I asked myself I don’t remember following anyone with BAFAB, so nosey me goes to see what it is (i finally did recall following them). Well every year apparently they hold a Buy a friend a book every quarter, so it would be held on January, April, July and October, so yeah it’s like 5 days until the week of BAFAB, the whole concept really is to promote reading, and friendship. So during this week, you would (if you participate), buy a friend a book, not for any special occasion, it should be a “just because” reason, imagine the shock they will have!! I think its a fantastic idea and I do plan on participating. If you would like to enter a contest to win any book you want, then I would say go and visit Karen and read up about her contest. Anyway I think it’s a fantastic idea and I would encourage all book lovers to get in on the fun! Oh yeah and Karen is also going to have a photo contest, for details on that go visit her blog, this link will get you to the post about the photo contest, I plan on entering that as well!

Wow I just heard from a friend, that his gf was mugged tonight. Omg that’s horrible. I won’t say who it is because they want privacy and it happened about 2 hours ago. It happened while she was walking home from a friends, poor thing got her handbag stolen along with her mobile phone. What is wrong with people these days? Well I just think its very sad that people have to prey oh the weaker. I am just glad she is okay, she is very shaken up. Apparently she was mugged by a group of teens, boys and girls! I don’t know what more to say about that but I really hope, they get caught. Although she said she didn’t report it to the police because there wouldn’t be anything they can do about it. I know how that feels. Anyway just goes to show you be careful when you are out and about. Even in your own neighborhood, which she was in.

I think I will be off to bed, and/or possible watch a film as I tend to not be able to fall asleep right away. And a good film would be just the thing I need. Earlier today I watched Step Up (hurry up Millie). Yeah I really didn’t expect to like those type of films, but I was pleasantly surprised, there was a very sad part in it, but otherwise a very lovely film. I know the film is a few years old, but still it was well worth seeing it. All I have to say apart from what I’ve said already is Channing Tatum = Yum! I also have Step Up 2: The Streets which I do plan on watching later this week. I have to say that I am doing really well in my Movie competition with Millie, haha, we are so keeping up with each other. There has been an odd occasion when I cannot find a film, but she helps me out, and vice versa. Oh yeah Millie is working on her site she plans to reopen it on Friday or during the weekend. I am so looking forward to seeing what shes’ done, she is basically revamping, and putting up a new layout so that will be nice to see. Ok well have a good week everyone! Good night all.

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