Book Signing

We went to the book signing for Grant Wilson and Jason Hawes of Ghost Hunters, and if you are a follower of this blog or if you aren’t, lol. Let it be known I am a big fan of Ghost Hunters, so big I made them fanlistings, I plan on create new better layouts, and then I will get in touch with them, and hope they link me on their websites, it would be awesome.

Well about the book signing, it was so exciting, we both bought their latest book ‘Ghost Hunt’ and had it signed, check out the photos! If you are a fan of Ghost Hunters and the cast, then join their fanlistings! I have to say this was a very exciting day. We have been following Ghost Hunters for quite a while. It was so cool because William mentioned that he went to New England IT and Jason looked up at him and said ‘I did too’, we never knew he had gone there, so that was really cool to have him say that.

That was a lot of fun, I am closing the post here, because the pictures make it long hehe. This was suppose to be posted like a few days ago, and I had so many distractions it wasn’t funny. Anyway better go, have a good wicked weekend!

Crazy Busy

Yeah I have not been doing much posting here, but I have been online. Doing my eBay thing, and taking care of a lot of other things. Tried to get this room sorted, as it was full of boxed up things, mostly my eBay stuff, packaging, and things I am selling. Just really glad that’s just about sorted. There is a few boxes left, but we need a new bookshelf to hold a lot of Williams books. So those boxes are still in the room, a few under my eBay table, just in places where they won’t really be in the way.

So I got a comment the other day, from an anonymous commenter, let me say, don’t be shy to leave your name, it’s not like I’m going to trash you, but I wasn’t going to waste my time posting your comment either. Anyway this ‘anonymous’ commenter stated that on my Screenshot Exchange I don’t allow people to join that use pagebuilders, and she/he continued to say that some of the pagebuilder users probably can make a better layout for my exchange than I can. Well that may be true, but the whole purpose of my exchange is for people that have coded their own layouts, that have put time into it, NOT money as she/he stated, well she/he said “they don’t have money coming out of their asses” lmao what does that have to do with coding, there are a lot of websites that offer free hosting, hello? If a person is on a free host, and they code their own layouts, by all means join, I am not going to turn down anyone.  I have a few rules on there sure, who doesn’t. So I’m not sure what this person was getting at, because I consider myself to be very fair. People work hard on their layouts, and to allow someone that uses a pagebuilder to join wouldn’t be fair. It would be allowing someone that is too lazy to code their own layouts to join. Sorry if you didn’t like that, but hey it’s my exchange and I’ll do things how I see fit, and I feel is fair. If someone want’s hosting, I have plenty of websites that I can offer hosting at. And I know there a bazillion people now that offer hosting as well. I just wanted to get that out there. For the person who commented, don’t be shy let me know who you are, even if you just email me, use the form on the website

So yesterday we went to see Eclipse, oh it was such a great film. I know I waited so long to go see it, but what was great is there was hardly anyone in the theater, which is something I liked, because I didn’t have to worry about girls yelling when they seen Jacob on the screen, I love the line by Edward “Doesn’t he wear a shirt” haha jealousy hey? or “I’m hotter than you, and you know it” lol that just made us crack up! So since I seen that film, I thought why not start reading Breaking Dawn from the beginning as the first time I started I got as far as the 2nd chapter lol. Now I’m ready to read it all the way through. I’m reading that and 2 other books, oh I finally joined hehe. Its an interesting website, I like shelfari a bit more as they allow me to put my books on a shelf and on my website. Will have to look into goodreads more see if they offer that.

Well I need to get going, going to do some grocery shopping and should really get that out of the way, so I can get back here and continue doing some work. I’ll be posting more often. Have a great day everyone.