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Happy June!

Omg look at that! It’s already June!!! Wow that means half the year is gone, and its kick start to summer, woohoo who isn’t happen about that? I am a bit yes indeed I am. Although again I have to say that being in England you would never guess its summer haha. I love England don’t get me wrong, but I love California weather even more! I know its already scorching in California by now lol. Got to love that!

So I visited Daisy’s website and read her blog about a list that can be made, let me quote a bit from it. Thats all taken from Martha Beck, O’s life coach, read Alice’s story “The Love List,” and explains why it worked.

Was it coincidence or magic? Alice Gorman wrote 100 things she wanted in a man, buried the list in a closet. And then, oddly enough, a man who matched the list almost exactly strolled into her life. Seriously, people, how did that happen?

Well there you go it’s an interesting piece to read on Oprah’s site, personally I never been to Oprah’s site but when I read this I was like wow, can that really happen. Well I have not tried it, but thought why not? What do I have to lose? Not a thing in the world right? Well there you go, something interesting for you to read. This blog is short, just needed to put a Happy June in there. Okay I’m going to go and fix this theme up. See ya! Oh yeah I forgot to mention, That Alice in that article isn’t my Al, and speaking of Al, she’s coming for a few days, we got some stuff to do here. Maybe I’ll post again, but more than likely not until after she leaves. Okay thats all for now. Have a good week everyone!