More Than Flurries!?

I love winter, I think I have said that so many times. I do adore it. Being in the east coast, has allowed me to experience winter the way I had always imagined it. With the beauty of snow. Last year was my first year with just a full blown blizzard, and snow covered roads and walk ways. It was breath taking. I can’t tell you how happy it made me. I felt like a kid. And I am not exaggerating about that.

I started this about 2 hours ago, and there is a good amount of snow coming down. I absolutely love it!

So it’s already time for William to get out of work, but he is running by to see a business client, and it’s snowing out. Not heavy but enough to concern me. So we are pretty much set with Christmas shopping, I am really happy for that. Yesterday we went out to pick up a few bits, and William tends to put on hats and clown around (bless him) well I take my mobile phone out so that I can take a picture, and it takes a bit to load up, but it was too late because then William got grumpy, so the picture shows him being mad I’m not going to share that picture because he would kill me lol.

I pointed out to him, THIS is what you look like when you are mad haha. He laughed. I so wish I could share it, but I can’t because I would be dead before Christmas lol. Oh how lucky he just texted me, and said he is having 2 extra days off next week, woohoo, I’m thinking TRON!! Yay!

Oh I am so proud of the Patriots, I knew the whole time they were going to win, and indeed they did, Yay for the Patriots. I smell a Superbowl coming on, woohoo they rightly deserve it, way to go boys!