Coincidence? Perhaps!

When I posted last, I had mentioned that I was disappointed because we have had little snow. Well the very next day it snowed, just for awhile but it was enough to get me all giddy, it didn’t last long because the next day it started to melt, so I was bummed out again lol.

Yesterday William tells me that we are going to be getting a blizzard, so again I’m all happy and all giddy. I know most people would be dreading a blizzard. And I also know that I’m not the one that has to walk through it, or drive in it, but I’m not taking back the fact it excites me.

Earlier I did some laundry and what a fiasco, firstly I take my laundry, and realise almost all the washers are in use, which is rare at 8 in the morning. One washer was available, so I was happy for that. As I was loading up my wash, the washers next to me, start to over flow, and water comes pouring out. I’m like WTF!! I thought they just fixed these last week. Well it was the washers to my right they fixed, not the ones to my left, hahah. So water is gushing, and I can see the floor start to get wet coming out from under, towards the front of the washers, I’m thinking great. This is not good.

So I do the right thing, and call it in, and they said maintenance would be out to see to the problem. So as my wash is washing, washer 4 and 5 are done, the lady comes in, I tell her, be careful the floor is wet, your washers are gushing water out. She starts to tell me, there is nothing wrong with her clothing. I’m like more than likely it’s not your clothing, it maybe clogged pipes. So she goes on loads her clothing into the dryer, and loads more into the washer.

I’m thinking WTF, I just told you its over flowing, but nope she wanted to wash her cloths and let maintenance take care of the problem. I was a bit disappointed, personally I would of not used the washers. But she had a shit load of clothing to do, she must of done at least 4 loads while I was around. Anyway, while I was doing my stuff the maintenance guy showed up and cleaned it up.

I told the others, that everyone is doing their laundry today because they don’t want to walk through the snow, just to do laundry. Personally I am going to try to go tomorrow and do another load, even if it had snowed, as the laundry facility is close by. Although I can get case of ‘laziness’ haha, and not go. Lol. Ahh we’ll see.

I hope to get out and be able to take some photos of the snow, other than places around where I live, just for a change. We’ll see depends on how William is feeling, and it will be mid week so it’s not likely to happen. I’m sure William just wants to get home and relax. I don’t blame him. Guess I’ll just have to take photos of the snow around me lol. Wow I convinced myself!! Think I’ll get going now. Oh yeah Happy 1-11-11 We won’t be seeing that again. I am definitely taking a video if it snows later, it’s a historical day lol @ myself. Have a great week!

Hardly Any Snow

I’m rather disappointed, because we haven’t got as much snow as I’d hoped. I remember initially thinking about coming to the east coast, I thought ‘Wow, we will be hit with a lot of snow’, but really hardly has come down. I’m hoping for another big drop. I know there are a lot of people that would prefer it don’t snow as much, I’m a west coast girl, so yeah I like the snow fall.

I love the snow, because as I’ve said quite often, it don’t really snow in California. On rare occasion, like the apocalypse lol, it might snow. Actually I’m lying, it does snow in California, just out in the area they call high desert, yeah the ‘desert’ wow hey? But it’s true, I have lived out there before and seen it with my own eyes. It’s not like the snow fall here in Massachusetts, but it was still and experience and just as memorable.

I think I may have a few photos here to share of our recent snow fall let me find them. This first photo is the morning after the snow fell, it was cloudy still, but you can see how lovely it looks, and mobile camera sucks on my blackberry hehe.

The following photos, were with a camera, so they look much better, and the day was nicer as well, sunny lovely blue skies, really can admire the snow better in these



Well there you, my winter wonderland hehe. It’s only begun though, I’m sure we will get plenty more. Well need to go, I’m hungry, so better get something, have a lovely weekend.