Stuck In The Groove

Or something lol. I have this stupid song stuck in my head, and I can’t get it out. I watched a film, an old British films a few months ago, and this young boy, in the film, was singing with his sister some song, it went something like “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood” and now it’s stuck, hence stuck in the groove, so groove would be like the scratch on a record hehe. So this guy from Little Britain and Come Fly With Me, what’s his name? Oh yeah David Williams, well there was an episode on Little Britain, when he sang it, and he sounded EXACTLY like that boy. So now some how it’s made its way to the surface of my brain and it’s nagging at me, so I need to find something that I actually like to replace it

Anyway, so I think I’m going to buckle down and get on with my eBay stuff because honestly I’ve slacked. Tonight I took some photos, so thats a start, and I already have photos of other things. I’m going to try to sell this right now, because it’s an ideal time as this is what people or should I say ladies are wearing. Among the other things, I get so many distractions and really it’s my own fault, I need to know when to say stop lol.

When I was in England, I left a large collection of films. There was a problem with them being sent to me, in the end, they were given away so I lost my whole collection, and I had a lot, even sequels and series. Anyway so I just got one of my first films, from what I lost, not the one I had, I got another from eBay at a good price. So I’m really glad about that. I even have a fanlisting for the film High Tension, join if you like scary, thriller type films, trust me a lot of gore in this one I provided the link to the fanlisting.

Speaking of fanlisting, I still have not got around to adopting out my fanlistings, not all but still there are some I really need to give out. Gosh I just never have the time I need to do all the things I want. Even with my other websites. I’m afraid some of them may close next year if I don’t get help with them. Ahh well that is how life is, nothing lasts forever. With that note, I think I will go and accompany my lovely boyfriend, William, for the rest of the evening. Have a great week everyone.

Preparations For October?

This weekend was pretty awesome, we went to the Salem Witch Museum in Salem, MA. Really great experience, although I expected the museum to be much bigger, so I was a bit disappointed there :no: William was having fun either way, it was something to see!

In one part of the part of them museum, we couldn’t take photos which sucked badly because that is an ideal place to get photos. Why do they not allow people to take photos, what is the big deal? Can someone tell me?

Apart from that, it was fun, wasn’t a very long tour but it was nice. Another thing, they were doing some kind of work on the outside, so they had it covered up, you couldn’t really appreciate the Gothic looking building like it does in this photo.

Salem Witch Museum On a Regular Day

It’s really nice looking during the day, just the whole Gothic look, but at night it takes on a whole other look and feel as you can see in this photo.

Okay so they look cool, the one above is what it looks like during Halloween, which is when we are planning on returning, I think it’ll be a lot more fun And when we went this is what it looked like for us, it was as I said a bit of a disappointment, but I figured they were preparing for the month of October!

Big difference hey? Well I can’t wait to go back and we do plan on it, in the month of October. I’ll post more photos in my next post from the trip we took this weekend, I think I ran out of room here lol, and I have a ton of things to do to be quite honest. You should visit this museum if you are in the area, it’s quite interesting, and come October it’s going to be really awesome :pumpkin: