Missing In Action?!

Haha kind of. I have been super busy. I had Alice over for a few weeks, so I kind of slacked on a lot of things. Like blogging, I think I got one in like when she first arrived, but after that it was impossible. Anyway I am here and going to continue on now. So what’s happened lately? Well I had a decent 4th of July, the weather has been brutal, today it seems a bit cooler, some rain has come to visit us. Other than that, trying to get back into the routine as before. The room has been sorted a bit more, there are still boxes of things that need to be sorted, but I feel we will need another book case, as there are some of Williams books that need to be put somewhere. I’ve started doing Sponsored tweets, really cool you should check it out. The money trickles in very slowly because they are tweets and you make cents not dollars lol. Hey it’s something right? I have been joining a few social networks, they all seem to be connected in some way. I recently join tweekly.fm, if you are a member add me, it’s the same as my twitter, so it’s not hard to find. I think this is going to be short post, I need to put my attention back to eBay and do some stuff there, and then have some other things I need to do that is website related, hopefully I get a chance this week to do it. Before I leave I seen this video on this film called Cirque Du Freak: Vampire Assistant, I haven’t watched it yet, but plan on to this weekend. I thought I would leave a trailer for you to check out, if you seen it let me know what you though, did you like it, is it worth watching?

Ok well have a great weekend.

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