OMG A Whole Year!

How can he stand it? I’ve been here in his face, for a whole year. Don’t get me wrong it’s not a bad thing, it’s a good thing. I’ve been here in MA since about 2 am July 1, 2009. I remember arriving late, and after William picked me up at the airport, he asked “Do you want to see Fenway Park” Hah! You don’t even need to ask, I’m all over that. Well it was 2 am so there wasn’t much happening there hehe. I still wanted to see it. It was amazing, I just stared out the window imagining what it would be like at it’s busiest moments. Unfortunately I haven’t been back, I have been to other amazing places. I have yet to visit Fenway Park. I’m a big Boston Red Sox fan, so yeah thats a place that is definitely on my to do list. It’s been such a treat being here, and William has been such an amazing person. I can’t brag enough about him, he’s funny, always making me crack up. I asked him last night, “Why do you always make me laugh”, he replied with “I don’t like to always be serious”. I can totally agree with that. He has to be serious all day at work, and laughing is great, it releases stress as well I feel. William thank you so much for opening your doors to me, your life to me, I truly appreciate it, I love you to bits sweety. You can’t find a better person to live with than William. He is an awesome cook too :clap: I am a lucky girl to be shacking up with him hehe. Hey I’m not going to say it’s been all nice now, we’ve had our times we have exchanged a few words, but in the end it comes out great, we make up, we talk it out, and things get resolved. You know, it don’t matter how much arguing you do, if you can reach the point of talking, discussing it, than you are on the road to recovery, it’s so important to talk. Don’t let it get all bottled up inside, or one day BAM!!!! It’ll explode, and I feel sorry for anyone who is around you. Anyway, enough of that. I spent my first 4th of July here, it was pretty cool, we were in the backyard, and just over the trees you can see fireworks, it was a pretty awesome sight. thank you so much for everything William, you are truly one the best things that has happened to me, thank you for your graciousness, your kindness, your generosity, but most importantly your love. I know love is hard to show, and we have had many talks, and we all have our ways of showing we care, thank you so much babes!!!

Hey so Eclipse finally came out, OMGOSH! You know I am going to see it, I think I will wait a little while all the teeny boppers go and see it, I would like to enjoy it without hearing screeching yelling coming from all sides of the theater lol. I can’t wait, I can’t wait for it to come out on DVD because that is surely going to be added to my collection. I use to have a very large DVD collection, but it’s gone I won’t say how, but I’m starting a new one and Eclipse is going to be part of it. Oh yeah last night we watched a film, well we began to watch it lol, called Half Light, with Demi Moore, William got bored real quick and he wasn’t shy to let me know hahaha, I’ll turn out watching that today alone lol. So I just said stop it and we can watch 24, gosh I really love the show, we are so into it. I can’t believe we are on season 5 already wow! I was asking him last night, what should we watch next, I think The X-Files is up in the running. I watched a few episodes here and there, I watched both films. My mom loved that show. Or we would watch Heroes, there is also this mini series called Firefly, probably that one first as its shorter. Ahh well, we will see, there is plenty to watch. Well I need to start my day off, I haven’t even had a cup of coffee, and I’d like that, I think I’ll go finish watching Half Light, it looked good. Have a lovely day everyone.

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