Oh I am so glad, I fixed it, Yay!!! Now all I have to do is work on both Enth and Keep In Mind Scripts and I am set. I feel a sense of accomplishment

Well I do have wordpress installed, and I am happy that part is done. But I had another theme up and I just couldn’t get somethings to work for me. I hadn’t realised it until I moved the directory. So I was trying to fix it, but I need more time. Gosh it’s after 3pm and I have been at this for hours, well not straight through. I had my breaks, and my chats here and there to take my mind off of fixing things. So I will still work on the other theme, but I will use what I have now for the time being. It’s cute and it’ll have to do. Not much else to talk about besides, that not only am I fixing WordPress, but also the Keep In Mind script, that will just have to wait.

I don’t feel so well today. It’s that monthly monster thing, and first day always sucks! So it leaves me grumpy as heck, and in pain, the first day or two are like that. I need to be pampered lol. So it’s the weekend, and I feel bad for William lol. Because he has to be around me when I am like this. You know we do get a little annoyed much too quickly and we tend to take things out on others. I am going to try my best not to. It’s not his fault and I shouldn’t take it out on him or anyone else for that matter. I bet a lot of women are going through what I am, without a doubt.

I had a really nice chat with Steve today. He’s doing great at his new job. Looks like he might be getting a promotion so yay for you babes!! You will do it! I also had a chat with Alice, poor thing she isn’t feeling to good. We have some nice chats now, and I’m glad that we can talk about things. I miss her, she says she may be coming to Mass to visit, so that would be wonderful. Oh yeah I forgot to mention, we are considering changing the rooms around in the house. Presently I am toward the front of the house, and the living room portion is in the middle of the house, where usually the living room would be toward the front of the house. So perhaps if I’m feeling up to it, we are going to switch it around. I feel this room is bigger than the other and would accommodate the furnishings better, we’ll see Okay well I think I’ll go back to trying to trouble shoot my problems with the other them. Have a lovely weekend everyone.

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