Gorgeous Display

There will be a lot of changes this year for myself and a lot of those out there. Did you all make your New Years resolution? I haven’t yet, I should … like soon! First things though, changed the theme at my personal weblog, not what I was looking for really but I think it’ll do. I have websites I really need to work on, so hopefully I get all that updated this week. This weekend we finally put away all the Christmas decorations, I think it was a day or two after Christmas I think I mentioned or maybe I didn’t going shopping for Christmas decorations, so much at 50% off, we got a lot. Good way of saving for the next Christmas wrapping session. I really think all I will need is tape lol. Apart from wrapping paper, bags, cards, name tags, we also found some cute Christmas decorations, so really cute. I can’t wait until Christmas just to put them out to look at hehe. Anyway well that time has passed and new things are to come.

This past weekend we popped into store to pick up a few things like for laundry. And already they had Valentine stuff up! Wow already I can’t believe it, then again it’s going to come and go as quickly as Christmas did. I think it would be fun to do a little Valentine decoration, but it comes and goes so quick, is it worth it? My sister in law Anna does decorate, I think it’s cute and very romantic. I consider myself to be romantic as well. Speaking of Anna, her birthday was on the 4th, and I wanted to wish her a very happy birthday. Like myself we both are so close to the big holidays.

Oh and since I am talking about holidays, over the holidays I got a chance to go to this beautiful Christmas display at LaSalette Church, in Attleboro. It was huge, just driving up you can see all the lights up wow it’s breath taking. Well I took loads of pictures and a few with my mobile as well. I think I will close this blog here, as I need to add some of the photos obviously not all lol. I got to go now, enjoy the photos (click photo for full view), anyway have a great week!

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