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Fall Is Creeping Up~

And I can’t be any happier. The humid weather is good as gone, until next year of course, then it’ll be back for a bout a month. Ugh a month of torture, hehe. I know I exaggerate, but that’s how I feel. I just did some updating, mainly approving and visiting websites of people that joined my fanlistings. What I don’t get and never will is. Why would someone join, then they don’t bother to link back? What is the point of that? It’s annoying as heck. Not to mention those that use an old url. Not my url, like a previous owner, but yet they just joined my fanlisting haha. Now that seriously don’t make sense at all. I’m just glad it was only a handful. Tomorrow I am going to solely work on List-Me.Com, because there is still catching up to do. Omgosh I just had a hungry pain, hehe. It’s going on 8pm and no I have no had dinner, gosh here I go with late dinner again. I better rush this post, so I can make something.

This past weekend, we (as in William and myself) went into Rhode Island, we plan on returning, as we are on the hunt (we are not stalkers lol) for TAPS real office. You know Ghost Hunters: TAPS? The TV show, yeah they are not too far. We found one office, but now I don’t feel that’s the current one. I feel that’s just the mailing address. We took a few pics though, I’ll post that on my personal blog at, feel free to visit, I’ll post tomorrow, Plus I have photos from King Richard’s Faire we went to the week before, so yeah I am excited about posting those photos as well. Yeah so we didn’t get luck and see the real office, nor Jason or Grant, it would be kinda cool! Oh well, wish us luck. I think next weekend were off to go see a film, I haven’t gone to the cinema since moving here, so that will be a lot of fun. Ok I better go. Have a great day and week.