Archives for January 27, 2008

New Layout!

Wow finally after how many years hah im kidding, but it has been a good long wait. So enjoy this one cos it will be around for a while lol. That’s if I find time to make another later when I am finally disgusted by this one lmao. I think it’s cute and as you can see I took back my original name kiss me so I’m happy about that. There may be some errors around the site but I’ll fix them as I come upon them, I also need to make some new buttons so right after this post I’ll do that then look around for errors ,and yay visitors can leave comments now woohoo

I almost lost like 8 of my fanlistings whilst I was gone, soon as I read the emails I replied to them that the problems were fixed, so I think I am okay now. I need to seriously think of the fanlistings I would like to let go, and just let them go you know? I guess I keep them for sentimental reasons, but I should really let them go. Ok well I best get on to do with what I need to do. I need to also check to see if my hostees are actually still here lol. Ok see ya!