Has Summer Ended?!

Well I am not sure yet!

The weather is weird as of lately. It’s raining, but not really cold, it’s rather warm. Last night William said it was cold when we stepped outside. I wasn’t cold, but I told him perhaps its because I had jeans on and he had pjs bottoms lol, and those are thinner material.

But today, well this morning he left for work, and I was at the door, because he forgot to take a package with him that needs to be posted out today, so he had to return. I looked outside and it was raining, I think it still is right now and it’s going on noon, I could be wrong, but even now it’s still not cold as I would expect it to be when it rains, ahh well. I love the weather though, I do indeed love when it rains.

Ok so the 10 cent days are over lol. It was only 3 days, I listed a few things. It just takes time to list things on eBay.

William suggested I create my listings, and when they have something special like free listing than I should bulk list, hmm I may do that, but I still want to put things on eBay, like summer things. Speaking of that, I sold my Old Navy flip flops, they are new, they were a half size too small, so I needed to get rid of them and I did, yay!

Last night we watched Ghost Hunters, I had no idea we were behind by one episode, but last night we caught up, and the were good shows. The door closing, that was like WOW! Heh.

Stepping away for lunch, be back soon :pizza: I’m not having pizza but that’s the only food smiley there was lmao :bowl: there are dishes lol

I’m back, almost 3 hours later :evilgrin: I had a lovely lunch, watched the very last episode of True Blood, which I found really great!

I couldn’t believe that Tara cut her lovely long hair, and I thought Eric would die but he didn’t so that’s really good, and Sookie is gone! Omg, what’s happening to everyone. Sam, didn’t shoot his brother, I just don’t think he has it in him to do that. Yeah he’s done other things, but that I don’t feel he would do. They really closed off the season with a bang that is for sure. I am looking forward to next season!

Anyway I have a lot to do, so I will leave you with a very cool trailer of a film coming out called ‘The Town’ the trailer is great, I enjoyed it and I hope you will too. Have an awesome weekend! If it stops working, please comment and let me know, thanks

No Trailer Yet?

The weekend has come again. It’s going to be a chilly one too. We had light snow yesterday, or was that the day before? In any case, we did. So that has left the air chilly, a real reason to grab a sweater and drink some hot cocoa No big plans, I’m accompanying William to his sisters on Saturday, as he’s going to do some babysitting, and I didn’t feel like being home alone. Besides I wanted to go and see his niece and nephews again, they are just too adorable. Plus it gives me a chance to get out of the house. Hopefully we don’t get anymore snow, as that would make the drive more difficult, I’m sure he can handle it though. Earlier in the week, we had some really strong winds, so strong that after the postman arrived and left a package between the door and screen door (it has glass also), I was sitting at the desk, working on one of my websites, and suddenly I hear this loud bang, OMGOSH scared me actually, well not scared, startled me. I got up to see what it was, and I was shocked, the wind took the screen door and slammed it against the steps rail, it looked like it kind of broke part of the rail, not sure if it just came out, and the screen door wouldn’t close. I was worried that the glass actually broke, at first I thought it did, but upon looking closer to it, it didn’t … thank goodness! Well I had a lil panic attack, the winds were still gusting pretty hard, and I was worried it would do it again, since the door wouldn’t close all the way. I didn’t have my mobile with me, so I grabbed anything I could just to hold it for a moment so I can grab my mobile. Well as of lately I hadn’t been able to text William, so I said I won’t even try that. Then I tried to call, and nothing, went to voice mail. So I said this to me is an emergency, I’m calling him at work! Well I did, I told him what happened, and he said “Do you need me to come home” I said YES!! I can’t close the door and I’m worried another gust of wind will break the glass on the screen door. So about 30 mins later he came, fixed it, and I felt so relieved. The postman should of known that the winds were so strong and not to leave the door ajar like that. Too bad I can’t sue him hehe. Oh well, anyway. William fixed it, and it works fine now.

I spoke to Steve last night and a bit today. He took one of his clients (probably a young adult) to the university that he may go to, so he can go to some interviews, and to visit his family, it was a 5 hour drive, there and back! From what Steve said, it was a success, and it all went well. I was very happy to hear that. Steve does such great work with the people at his center. Without getting into too much detail, he helps run a center for homeless young adults, they do such a great thing there. I wish I could be part of something like that! Anyway, good job Steve, you are doing such good work, and I am so very proud of you. I know your family must be too, if my dad did what you do, I know I would be. Keep up the wonderful work sweety.

Oh my gosh! I am so excited, June 30th I believe of 2010, Eclipse is coming out! The 3rd of the Twilight series, I am so so excited!! I can’t believe, New Moon just came out in November of 2009 and now Eclipse oh my gosh. I am so thrilled at this, you can’t even begin to know. Well the Twilight fans know how I feel. I would leave you with a trailer of Eclipse, but there isn’t one yet, but as soon as one comes out, you can be sure I’ll post it. Oh before I got, I got some great news from William today, gosh you know when you get great news, that well depending on the news, you can cry? Well that is how I feel, it’s rather personal so I am not going to share it, but I think people can relate to getting excellent news! Have a lovely day and weekend.