Such Difficulties

I tried numerous time to log into my admin and it just wasn’t happening. I was so frustrated, I left it alone. I finally was able to log in today, thank goodness So what’s going on? I’m just trying to keep up with the fanlistings. I do them and then suddenly its time to update them again! Then I get a notice saying one or two are over due. Grr lol. I think and I’ve said this before. That I need to let go of some of my fanlistings, and try to trim my collection down. I think I will consider that today, at least those that people have applied for. Let’s see if I go through with it. I’m also considering a change of layout! We’ll see about that too. Oh yes I did create 2 new namelistings, Eric and Karen, if you love the names then please go join!

As of lately I have been working on List-Me.Com my web directory, it was so behind with the move from England to California, then 9 months later to Massachusetts. I’m glad that I am a bit settled. But with all that, I did get behind, and I’m getting caught up. My staff, well a good portion of them have left. So I am looking for staff to do some volunteer troubles checking for me. It’s a very easy job, its done once a month. If anyone is interested in helping out, make sure you have the time to do it. As I said its only once a month. I updated my blog, if you are interested in visiting please do, you can find it at, I’m looking for link exchanges as well, similar websites only, something I prefer being it’s a persona blog I’ve been keeping up with posting updates, even if they aren’t related to tutorials over at PixelFx.Org, but thats so people know I have not completely abandoned the website. I’m feeling a bit down right now Sick so I am going to close here. Thank you for those that visit. Don’t forget that I’m looking for staff at List-Me.Com visit the website and submit your site as well. Ok have a great day and week.

OMGOSH I’m Sorry

Wow has it really been that long since I have updated here, wow! Ok well my apologies, not that all that many people come here lol. But if you didn’t know. I just moved from California, to Massachusetts, YES! I love it here and I love the Red Sox too, and what better place to be than here, yes!!!! Score! lmao. I have been keeping up with my listings though. Thank goodness I get my emails to my phone, or I would be clueless. But I have been keeping up, and will continue to do so. I am in the process of adding 2 more name listings, names I’ve been waiting for and am happy that I got them. Now I just need to hurry and get them made, with the move and all it’s put me behind, I even asked for an extension, and odd enough I haven’t heard back from them,. so I’ll have to do a follow up on that as well today if I remember, ok I need a pencil and pad, to write my to do’s and hope I get them all done. Although today it’s mostly dedicated to updating WordPress and working on List-Me.Com because I am so very behind on that I do have to apologies for that. It’s just with getting ready for moving across the US it takes time, so much time, and then getting settled or at least a bit settled, also takes times, adjusting to the time change, which I’m rather use to, because of the time I lived in England.

Ok well not much else to really update on, apart from what I have already said. I should get to working on List-Me.Com, I have already upgraded WP at, so that’s great! Now I just have one more website to upgrade WP with and that bit is done, and then I have to really concentrate on List-Me.Com. I will be looking for new staff, as my staff has probably dropped out of helping there, although i don’t blame them as I didn’t stay in touch, and I feel so bad about that, but I hope they understand eventually when they see my update here. I am looking to talk to someone that has experience in converting a directory script from simpledir to another more advanced one, I am going to tackle that job, but not until after I have finished playing catch up because that is a big job in itself, with no staff yikes! Ok well have a lovely weekend everyone, and thank you for visiting, if you do pop by, say hello, would be nice.