A New Year! Happy New Year 2018!

Am I ready for it? Sure, I have no choice lol. As for how this website will change, it won’t. I like it how it is, it is functional for what it is, a collective. Not so much a blog. I do post if I ever add a new listing, but I don’t create new listings unless it is something I really really like, or have had on my wishlist. I have not downsized like I wanted to, I am still trying to get that worked into my schedule, but if I do, I will sure to post here and @ TheFanlistings.org. Until next time.

Added: Paranormal Lockdown

If you know me, it is no surprise that I am a huge paranormal fan. I’ve watched Ghost Hunters to Ghost Adventures, to The Collector to a lot of other shows some lasted some didn’t. What I didn’t like about a lot of them, is the special effects sounds they always put in the shows. It is annoying because it confuses the watcher if it is real or if it is fake. All the shows seem to do that, I know it is to heighten the experience lol.

I suppose Paranormal Lockdown isn’t any different, but yet I am a fan so I wanted to create a fanlisting for them, and show my love. If you are a fan, I recommend joining, if you never heard of them, well what are you waiting for, go check them out.

Besides that news, other news is the web directory is still being added to, you can add your fanlisting, blog or whatever to it, go and check it out at List-Me.com, last update was in April 2017, not too long ago.

And lastly, on the personal front, we bought a new house, yay. So have been busy decorating my hobby room. So excited, just love the house. It is so quiet here where we moved, we have a lush forest behind the house, so much peach, thank God!