And She’s Gone …

That’s right, early this morning we took Alice to the Rhode Island train station, I was a bit annoyed, not at her or anyone but at Four Square, their servers were down and I couldn’t check in, BOOO!!! So I guess I’ll live without it. You know I use to twitter and I really wish they would come up with a better app, so that if I wanted to I can post pictures to twitter and such. I use seesmic now because they allow me to use my account on it, it’s much nicer to look at, compared to the one I used before. I post to other places so that’s why I use to do my tweeting. I got off track. So I walked with her to get her ticket, and gave hugs. I felt kind of sad leaving her there. I will miss her even though she thinks I won’t. She’s been a special person in my life, and even though best friends hit a lot of road bumps, we are still friends. My London friend, I’m glad I have her. Next stop will be for me to take a trip to England.

I have made use of my time when we got back and did some eBaying, as I did get very behind in a lot of things. But am very happy that I finally was able to relist and list. I’m a happy camper now. I have to measure a leather jacket I have, well it was in London and sweet Alice posted it to me, it’s like brand new, wore it like once lol, so yeah since I’m not going to be wearing that, I think I will part with it and sell it on eBay, hope to get some good cash for it. Gosh I just remembered, I got an email that said my space was running out, I needed to see why that was the case, and what is doing it. *goes to check* don’t you just love distractions? I should just post this and then go check. Well I am tired, and want to get some stuff done, so I’ll post again soon. Have a great Sunday and week ahead everyone!

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