Still Hoping For TFL!

I think a lot of us are still waiting to see something happen with website. I pop on to it every other week, they have a few threads going in the forum. If you happen to drop by here, just letting you know, the members board is open, so check it out.

As for my fan listings. I have just been updating some pages, I still have some images I need to replace. It’s going at a crawls pace It’s getting done. I still have the other issue about not being able to have the script send notification when someone joins. It’s rather irritating. I don’t want to change hosts either. Ugh! You can read that post here, maybe, just maybe someone has a fix for it.

That’s it for now. Hope you are all having a great start of the year, see you next time

TheFanlistings.Org Is Back!?

You heard right! I mean read right lol. The fanlistings website is back, but only the forum portion of it, the rest is still being worked on. I am super happy, I can finally get some help on some errors I have with my fanlistings. From what I read so far, some people have abandoned their fanlistings, like many they thought the website would never come back, but it has which is a great thing, as I am still a fan of things, regardless of my age. A fan is a fan. Anyway, so if you are looking to check it out, go to You will have to register again. Everyone lost their post count. I am not 100% sure what else was lost, but you can always go check it out and see, make sure you register again.

It’s a wonderful thing, I’m happy, because I was close to closing it, but was hanging in there waiting along with hundreds of other people. So if you know someone that has fanlistings, post a blog about this, and get the word out, so people know to go and re-register.

I got to take care of stuff now. So hope everyone has a great weekend.